February 20, 2024 9:46 AM

Steve Zipperman


Steve Zipperman, AZ GOP Member at Large, to Speak at Conservative Gathering

The local chapter of Yavapai County’s Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR)  has announced that Steve Zipperman,  AZ GOP Member at Large for Yavapai County, will give a talk on the Arizona Constitution at their monthly meeting, Saturday, February 25th, in Chino Valley.  His talk will focus on the history of the Arizona Constitution and some of its unique

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Senate LD-1 Race Decided

The unofficial final results in the Arizona State Senate LD-1 race are in. Ken Bennett has won by 256 votes over Steve Zipperman. Technically this result is unofficial until the Yavapai County Board of Supervisor does a canvass of the results on Monday. However, all votes have been counted. There have no changes in the

Arizona State Legislature

Update on Arizona State Senate Race in LD-1

As of Wednesday, August 10th, with the Secretary of State’s website updated at 6:16 pm, the number of votes for Ken Bennett and Steve Zipperman have not changed since Tuesday. Mr. Bennet is still ahead by 256 votes. Prescot teNews will continue to watch this race.

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Senate race: Votes still coming in

As of 7 pm, August 9th, the Secretary of State’s website is reporting that Ken Bennett is now ahead by 256 votes. Ken Bennett           28,357 votes    50.2% Steve Zipperman    28,101 votes    49.8% We will continue to monitor this race.

Arizona State Legislature

The Arizona Senate Race for LD-1 is still counting votes

The Secretary of State’s website, as of 7:02 pm August 8th, reports the following numbers: Ken Bennett has 28,187  votes (50.22%) and Steve Zipperman has 27,940 votes (49.78%).  So, currently, Ken Bennett is ahead by 247 votes. We are hoping to get the last of the results by Wednesday, if not sooner.

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