Artificial Intelligence in the World Today

Artificial intelligence is set to be the future of humanity and the next step of our evolution. Scientists and analysts believe that with this type of technology, we would be able to become multi-planetary species in the future and continue to conquer the Milky Way.

Even though the concept of AI is still in its early stages of development, some industries have managed to integrate it and use it as a key tool in their everyday operations. With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some industries and sectors that have managed to incorporate this type of technology and make the best use of it. Let’s check them out.

Gaming Sites

Online gaming has become extremely popular in the past 5-6 years. Online casinos are now accessed by millions of players who are in search of unique gaming experience, excitement and fun. These sites are expected to rule the gambling industry in the next couple of years due to the great features that they have.

There are two types of AI that they use, and to explain them in the best way possible, we’ll use NetBet, a reputable platform that offers players the chance to both play casino games and bet on sports. When it comes to playing casino games, this platform uses AI software called RNG. Random Number Generators create random outcomes of the games, thus giving each player an equal chance of winning.

The second type of AI covers both the sports betting online section and the gambling section. This AI software is called SSL-encryption technology and it protects the players by taking all of their data and turning it into an unbreakable code. The SSL-encryption security system makes it impossible for third parties to gain access to sensitive data. In doing so, players can bet on the games and play casino games without having to worry about anything.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is progressing at a really fast pace. Futuristic concept cars are already in their trial versions and every manufacturer is on a quest to bring the future of cars right now. If you are asking how AI is used in this sector, we’ll take two companies as an example, as they both have implemented the same AI for their products.

The first example is Tesla. Ever since this car company entered the market, it has been creating futuristic electric vehicles that are believed to be the future of cars. They have great endurance, fantastic performance, and most recently – they use AI in the form of self-driving mode. Autopilot mode in cars is set to be the future of the automotive industry. The second example that we wanted to mention is Waymo. This company is already exploring advanced technologies on self-drive mode on the streets of Phoenix.

Medical Sector

The medical sector is one of the sectors in which artificial intelligence would literally revolutionize. With advanced AI in this industry, it would be much easier to develop drugs that can cure some of the world’s current unbeatable diseases. STDs are a good example of that. Advanced AI in the medical sector would help in patient care and monitoring, developing specific drugs, diagnosis, treatment protocol development, and personalized medicine.

The good thing about AI in medicine/healthcare is that some companies already use basic forms of AI to power their networks. The Mayo Clinic and the British National Health Service are the two most popular and most well-known examples.


While many people oppose AI and believe that the technology will ruin our lives by replacing the human workforce and increasing the unemployment rate, it is a fact that there are some tasks that these robots would complete in a much more efficient and effective way. As time goes by, it is becoming clearer that this technology will represent our future.

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