Opinion: The Greatest Threat to America

The FBI, Homeland Security, President Biden and his administration, have indicated that the greatest terrorism threat to Americans, even above foreign terrorist groups, comes from white supremacists. While it is acknowledged that those government agencies would have much greater access to intelligence on terrorism than “we the people”, they are also much more susceptible to political influence and pressure.

As a result of that political effect, many of us do not trust information disseminated by government sources. It seems like those in power are saying, “Are you going to believe us or your lying eyes?” While we certainly shouldn’t minimize the threat of white supremacists, they seem minuscule compared with the death and destruction meted out last summer by Antifa and the BLM during the so-called “mostly peaceful demonstrations” which were in reality anarchist and socialist riots.

While Antifa and BLM were organized by the dozens, if not hundreds, and apparently well funded, the attacks attributed to white supremacists, have been been committed by what authorities characterize as “lone wolf” onslaughts. That’s not to say that individuals and groups who espouse such moronic views shouldn’t be proactively investigated to prevent future attacks and vigorously prosecuted when caught.

The FBI and other agencies, federal, state and local have told the media that white racists are a priority. One wonders, though, who is looking into Antifa and BLM. They seem to be mainstream media darlings, about which there is seldom a bad report.

Recently, President Joe Biden, the man who wants to unify all of our citizens, made a scurrilous, unsubstantiated statement that there are reports of more police and military personnel joining white supremacist groups. If he was truly trying to unify us, Biden would tell us who is making these reports and in what numbers police and military are joining what racist organizations. The vast majority of Americans are not racists and would want to know the specifics. That doesn’t appear to be the president’s intent. It looks like he wants to instill fear into at least part of our population. Fear divides us and makes us easier to control.

So what really is the greatest threat to our country? While it is frightening to see China, Russia and Iran testing our military in the South China Sea, in the Middle East and in the skies near our borders, the greatest danger to our existence seems to coming from within our own borders.

Our right to free speech has been under attack for a decade or more. On many college campuses it can only be practiced in certain areas. The big tech and social media giants remove opinions on their sites that they deem to be hurtful, racist or fake news, often without notification to the person or group expressing their opinions. Some politicians are pondering whether to introduce laws that would criminalize “hate speech”. Left wing pols and media try to silence any discussion of crime, history, and economics with which they disagree by accusing those espousing a different opinion than theirs as “racists”.

Congress is considering a so-called Equality Act that would require churches to perform ceremonies and accept practices that they consider immoral. There goes Freedom of Religion. The fence around the US Capitol is denying our citizens the right to go to the seat of government and seek to redress their grievances. The Biden Administration and the Democrat legislators are proposing several laws and executive orders that will completely emasculate the Second Amendment right of our citizens to bear arms.

The greatest threat to this country is not white racism, China’s military muscle flexing, Russia testing our air defenses or Iran’s attempt to reignite wars in the Middle East. It is the Democrats in the White House and the Congress that are openly stealing our Constitutional rights in front of our very eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Opinion: The Greatest Threat to America”

  1. Thank you for the article. Thank you, Buz Williams, for writing this article. You may be right about the greatest threat. From the last paragraph, these words are very important: “The greatest threat to this country is … the Democrats in the White House and the Congress that are openly stealing our Constitutional rights in front of our very eyes.” Will the American people do anything about the Democratic party’s threat?

  2. There really is only a handful of White Supremacists but President Biden has the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security and so on out looking for them. There just isn’t enough of them to go around.  The one White Supremacist out there up until now has had no friends, no girl friends, no money, etc.  Suddenly hot women want him, all kinds of people suddenly think he is cool and want to be his friend and of course they are all undercover agents. The various agencies are fighting over who gets to be friends with the guy.  He gets a new truck, new clothes and all kinds of great stuff from the agents trying to be his new friend.  It is a big problem that there are not enough white supremacists for each agency to have one, so President Biden is creating a white supremacist stimulus program to solve this problem.

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