Arizona Senate Demands Investigation

Dr. Lyle Rapacki of Prescott eNewsArizona Today talks about the investigation of the voting machines, and ballots in Maricopa County. The discussion involves the actions of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and their refusal to obey the subpoenas sent to them by the Senate.


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  1. Thank you for your thoughts and information, I wish we could have heard this before Jan 6. I completely agree with the gravity of your concerns. I wish you success tomorrow. Good Luck! Keep fighting!

    1. Arizona’s Team Fann should be working closely with Great info.
      Garland Favorito is going down this exact same road in Georgia.
      Fullton Supreme Court
      Favorito v Cooney
      Jan 6th, Team Favorito got an injunction to preserve all materials
      Jan 20th Judge was supposed to rule on foia order. Waiting to hear as courts were closed.
      Keep up the fight for honesty in elections.
      We are watching.

      1. A Pulitzer caliber investigation is on the table?

        At this point, anybody who is paying attention knows about election fraud 2020 and the implications for previous elections. So, do you think the President Trump impeachment syndrome is an indication that a bunch of folks are edgy about forensic results establishing Biden’s victory is false, that other winners are losers, too, and extensive jail terms, at best, are to become CNN newsworthy? Is their history of corruption so extensive that their only hope is to continue their stupidity with the delusion that deeper and deeper is the pathway to freedom?

        I’m a registered Independent, but no matter the party affiliation, it’s quite disturbing that plenty of persons, under the penalty of perjury, have provided testimony that lawbreakers are lawmakers.

    2. i don’t think we have 10 days to get through all this red tape.they are demonizing everyone they can in the gop trying to force them all out. i guess you know that. i have cried and prayed for you all who are working on this.i believe the election was a fraud. they know it was,that’s why they put hr1! if there is not evidence to support this we are sunk as a country.

  2. Could you put out a link to watch the video of this hearing, if it’s available. I cannot find it. Thank you

  3. Great news! Comforting to know you and other patriots, along with the Arizona state legislature, aren’t giving up and moving on without investigating the mountains of evidence before it’s too late! I pray there has been no tampering of evidence! I hope other state legislatures are also swiftly taking action, but I am fearful they are not. However, the outcome in Arizona alone, could be additional needed proof at this crucial time! I will be scouring the internet for updates this afternoon!

    Grateful in Michigan,

    1. Can I order the book “our forefathers truly appealed to heaven” from this website?
      I appreciate your straightforward speaking very much! This is the type of communication/news we need more of!
      Thank you!

        1. This is the first time I have heard someone really stand up for what is right.
          Arizona would go down in History demanding the truth before it’s too late.
          75 million Americans believe this election had many irregularities.
          Why not just prove right or wrong.
          I believe in you Arizona. Once you decide to do the right thing then others will follow.
          I pray you make the right decision!

      1. Your “update” is dated BEFORE the action that was taken on 1/14/2021, when the Forensic IT audit of the Maricopa Dominion voting machines was approved to take place. The task was to have taken 48 hours to complete, and it had been stated that the IT team was at the ready the minute that approval was granted. Since we have heard NOTHING since 1/14/2021, WHAT was the RESULT of the AUDIT?? THAT’S what people are interested in hearing! NOT an article that Left-leaning KTAR published, peppered with all their terms, like “falsely”, “unsubstantiated”, and “baseless”….I mean, seriously, many of these “journalists” could stand to carry a pocket Thesaurus…to combat the overused adjectives!

  4. The entire Country is watching what is happening there in Arizona. I and others are not expecting to overturn the election, but many of us feel that there were some serious irregularities that need to be examined. And, I do think that if the Constitution states that the Legislature has the power to enforce subpoenas, then we should hold those in Maricopa County to it. If they have nothing to hide, just share the information and the machines. Please find a way to work together. The Country is splitting in the seams, but citizens have a right to be assured that their Elections Boards are handling voting with the seriousness it deserves. I for one wish that Pennsylvania would re-examine the voting and the machines and the ballots and re-assure the Citizens that there was no significant fraud.

    1. I totally agree! As the saying goes, “It’s never too late!”
      Arizona will go down as the State that helped Make America Great Again!
      Surely, there must be a way to get this done.
      Thank you and May God Bless!

  5. Any more updates to the investigation? It saddens me that big news media isn’t revealing this story to put the pressure on our government. If this isn’t done many Americans will lose faith in our democracy as well be sadden by those that have died to keep our god given rights and democracy! This isn’t about Trump and Biden this is about America and it’s people. Please reveal the truth and uphold the government to their duty!

    1. This is the first time I have heard someone really stand up for what is right.
      Arizona would go down in History demanding the truth before it’s too late.
      75 million Americans believe this election had many irregularities.
      Why not just prove right or wrong.
      I believe in you Arizona. Once you decide to do the right thing then others will follow.
      I pray you make the right decision!

  6. Charles Reynolds

    Dr. Rapacki,
    I must say, I wasn’t enthused with the biased spin of the article. Frankly, I’m sick of the press. I’m also tired of the Board’s games and disrespect. At this point, I feel the Legislature must just play hard ball.

    Having watched your informative segment, I found myself wondering if the ballots and voting machines have been secured all this time with proper chain of custody documentation endorsed by the Board. Also, noting the Board met with Rudy and the Colonel, who is to say they didn’t alter or manipulate the machines after learning about them. I’d be inclined to have them sign affidavits stating they did not tamper with them in any way, to include turning them on or off. If they turned them on, and they are connected to the Internet, information can be changed. This applies to thumb drives. Hopefully, forensic examiners will be able to ascertain time signatures of activities.

    Thank you!


    1. You are 100% correct! HARD BALL like the alleged and possible HARD BALL that has been played against ‘We the People’ and the legally elected president of the U.S.. WE ALL want to see some friggin ACTION! Make this happen ASAP!

      Thanks Charles!!!

      1. Yes, I agree it is past time for the senate to be playing nice. Issue the subpoenas and take what is needed. The county supervisors cannot be trusted. If there’s nothing to hide, why are they hiding it?

  7. Dear Dr. Rapacki, words cannot express my appreciation for your work and editorial. I had virtually given up hope for the future of our democratic Republic until I saw your post on YouTube. (I downloaded it to my computer in case it might be censored.) I believe you are correct that this is about the future of America, far exceeding the scope and import of the results of the 2020 presidential election. I have also read the update. Unfortunately, the Senate cannot expect any genuine support from the judiciary. Fear is most powerful when one must act alone. Senators will have to have the strength of their principles and convictions and, as a group, exercise the Senate’s constitutional authority to enforce the subpoena, perhaps even to the point of seizing the Dominion voting machines. The deep state is real; opposition is formidable. It will take uncommon courage. It will take much prayer. It will take God’s strength. I am praying for you, Senate President Fann, Senator Borrelli and everyone God has raised up for this battle.
    Please consider posting your videos to Rumble where they are less likely to be censored. I fervently anticipate your updates and will subscribe to Prescott Enews in order to follow these efforts more easily.
    Thank you, and God keep you,

  8. Can some one please provide updates. This video was posted on social media today so many thousands have watched it and would like to know if an investigation by DHS or DOD is moving forward. You can post freely. on MeWe or Clouthut. Thank you

    1. “… if an investigation by DHS or DOD is moving forward.”

      Silence is your answer. Federal agencies have a history of zero effective action unless it affects them directly if they do not act.

      Govt. bloated with un-American and traitorous bureaucrats.

  9. The latest I read was that the judge has given a week for the two parties a week to resolve the issue. What is holding things up?

  10. Just wanna say I’m proud of you doing this. Sure hope you can get it done I’m so frustrated bigtime all the crap that was done to President Trump thru his whole time and even before its totally ashamed and sickening what has been done thru this election I really done even know if my vote got counted or throwed out I’m disgusted so keep doing what you are doing Thanks so much

  11. Excellent work men. FANTASTIC idea to use two separate auditing companies.
    Impartiality. Transparency. Irrefutability.

  12. I want to strongly encourage Senator Berelli and his co-leaders to be unwavering in their pursuit of truth and justice for the people of Arizona and all the states. His work will redound on the entire country that witnessed an election that looked like a coup by the left. All must know the truth, sooner, rather than later.
    I live in Michigan. Our states must work together, like never before, if we are to keep our UNITED states of America.

  13. First of all, Thank you for all you’re doing to restore the public’s trust in our voting process. I’d like to know if Mr. Jovan Pulitzer will be taking part in the upcoming forensic audit of the Maricopa County voting system?

  14. Thank you for your many sacrifices and courage to stand up for what’s right. The people desperately need a deep dive audit by two separate companies. I have mailed you a small donation and have encouraged others to do the same.

  15. Thanks for all the great effort from Arizona. Hoping this can spark other states to do what is right also..At least we have some glimmer of hope that the truth will be brought out whatever that might be.. Thanks and God bless!!!!

  16. Steve Christopher

    Where do we go to make a donation? It seems all the normal channels for contacting Dr Rapacki are being blocked.

    Also, there is a video that came out last friday (1/27/21) from prescott enews with Dr Rapacki and Senator Berrelli laying out what happens next. Mr Berelli is a former Marine with a steely look of determination in his eyes (perhaps I’m seeing what I want to see). But when he salutes in the video it tells me he understands good men and woman died defending what they are doing.

    They address in the video the need for 2 independent forensic teams and they are vetting the very best. They went on to talk about the real fear of tampering that may have already taken place. The cynic in me says there is so very much riding on this that (assuming there were big players manipulating our election) they would stop at nothing to cover their tracks. Just imagine the dominoes that would fall if they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the AZ election was stolen. Then try to imagine what happens if they dont. Chilling.

    1. Dr. Lyle is currently working on a website that will allow him to take donations. We will let you know.

  17. I just saw on Utube that the Board of Supervisors is meeting tomorrow morning 1/27 to “discuss” having two independent forensic audits done.
    The Senate needs to take charge and get the job accomplished. The Country has been waiting anxiously for the results of this audit. Please don’t let us down.

  18. Thank you sir for your attempt to get to the truth. But what in the world is taking so long! You had hearings . Witnesses who testified of fraud. We know the dominion machines were connected to the Internet. We know that other countries were involved in the fraud. We all heard testimonies of individuals who said they could test these machines in a few hours and get the proof that there was fraud. This is a sad time in the history of this country. When so much lawlessness can go unchecked from our elected officials judges in Congress all the way to the Supreme Court. Also think about how we as a nation look to the rest of the world. There’s so much overwhelming proof of fraud lawlessness and no one is held responsible.

  19. Hi Dr Rapacki,

    I just watched your interview with Senator Borelli – truthfully, my guts are in a knot over this. Number one, may we have a list of who’s been fighting progress on getting to the bottom of this “election?” We, the people should have the names of who has been an obstacle to getting to the truth (the truth we all know or at least have strong suspicions about.)

    These people must pay with the loss of their jobs, and possibly even their freedom. I’d like to direct your attention to who is supposedly in the White House today as a result of the election. Nothing could be more serious than the events of November 3rd, in my opinion.

    Two, if evidence is found that proves the election was fraudulent and or tampered with, what happens next? Are the results overturned? Does that flip the state from Blue to Red? And, who goes to jail? Are there entire groups of people who become residents of the nearest prison? Is it treason that they committed? And, if so, what is the states stance on treasonous acts?

    As you stated earlier in your interview, 15 other states are watching… nay – the entire country is watching! Does this state have the courage to hold those accountable and will they administer the full extent of the law once they do find a problem?

    Finally, who has gone to jail already? Who has been charged thus far? How about the lady passing out gift cards for voters? Has she been charged yet? She was on camera handing out $25, $50 & $100 gift cards… how many people involved in this type of bribery are still breathing “free” air, with no consequences whatsoever? Who paid for these gift cards – is that person or persons been hauled in and charged?

    This problem isn’t going away. And as much as I care about future elections, my sole concern at present is the past election and landing swift, decisive blows to those involved. You can pass more laws, and do interviews telling us how concerned and involved you are, which seems like blowing smoke. You want to send a message? Start charging people and take away their freedom for their actions. We don’t need more laws, or more politicians blustering on camera. Hold people accountable for the laws that are already on the books that have been broken egregiously. It’s been damn near 3 months since the election, and a new, corrupt administration has taken office. Justice seems as non-existent in Arizona, and our nation as hen’s teeth. We are tired of platitudes like “Hold the Line” and “Be Patient” – at the very least, I am.

  20. Dr Rapacki,

    I posted a long comment this morning and this afternoon’s video answers most of my questions – Hallelujah!

    Thank you for your diligence and dedication to finding the truth. We want nothing more than that. The truth is just that, and nothing more.

    If Biden did truly win, I can accept that. But, as you stated, I have my doubts.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight and keeping us informed.

    At the end of this travesty, let’s pursue that Makers Mark & a cigar, and you can take a bow. I’ll buy – my treat. You’ve done yeoman’s work and deserve the recognition of a grateful community. Yes, you’ve given me hope in my fellow man. I have a strong faith in God, now you’ve given me something earthly to look forward to as well. Thanks again!

    1. Dan, I feel the same! I don’t just think — there was fraud, there was fraud. And yes, while all the stalls are taking place, I’m sure by now, they’ve gone through ballots and tossed away those they knew were of different paper, etc. However, there is an expert forensic man named Jovan Pulitzer who testified in GA that he could tell within 15 minutes if ballots were tampered with and even offered to do the forensics for free. I see Utube took down all his videos but you can find them in other places like rumble. He was very impressive and does know Guiliani, so hopefully, he is one of the people hired in Arizona. He said he could even tell by examining the paper, if the person who touched it was a smoker and could even get their address from it. With that said, like you, there are so many of us who are sickened by the fraud of our election.But the Presidential election was blatently stolen, calculated years in advance, right out there in the open, and their defiance for inspection was as if they gave us the finger, walked away with the gold while the politicians we elected to support us turned their backs and joined the enemy right in front of our eyes–with not an ounce of shame or guilt. Instead, they turned around and did worse things to us. Even more so, we all had to watch as our elected officials turned on us from both sides! And then — JUDAS=PENCE who put the nail in the coffin was a serious blow. I speak to so many people and hear the same thing over and over again. It’s gut-wrenching to have been through what those Deep State Scoundrals have put us through for four years. We will NEVER FORGET. Then, only to see this blatant fraudulent steal and to feel that there’s no recourse, no judicial branch where we can see justice! NO! I clearly have had enough too!!! And I am all for us sticking together, nation-wide to encourage Dr. Repacki to keep fighting for us! I saw his video too and it gave me so much hope! I also loved the idea of recinding those who stood in the way of a fraudulent election and others to go to jail for treason. Hopefully, they meet up in the same cell with Barr, Pence and the tribe calling themselves the Supreme Court. I never knew what power the states had and I’m truly hopeful Arizona becomes the beacon of light for the entire country, I understand there is a person in PA who is fighting as hard for an audit there too, Here’s my question Dan. If the ballots belong to the PEOPLE and the state has to keep them for 22 months, what Judge has the right to say no to the PEOPLE if they showed up in a crowd and demanded the ballots be turned over? I really am fed up and it feels good to write about it! I totally get where you’re coming from – I feel the same!

  21. Cara, can you let me know the address I can send a small donation. I cannot find it on the net. I am retired in Budapest, Hungary, but have not had a good nights sleep since the election. I love this man and admire his courage and would like to send a small donation. I live day to day, 76 yrs old but maybe $20 will be of some help. Thanks. My e-mail I love my country and I am a Patriot.

  22. I am trying to get an address to send Dr. Rapacki a check and an unusual picture concerning Biden and his son. I would also like his book. I saw Dr. Rapacki on TV and he presented a bunch of mail and donations he had received. I would like to have that address. I am whole heartedly in favor of what the good doctor is doing and give him my full support. I have read there is support in Georgia for efforts to find the truth and I am anxious to see justice done.. How can people be so disloyal to this country and jeopardize its very existence as well as put in harms way the people who strive to do what’s right every day. They have no shame and their souls will be judged by the almighty. Lord, please save us from greed, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, anger and stupidity. Help the good.

    1. Dr. Lyle’s address:

      Prescott eNews
      P.O. Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ  86302

      If you are writing a check, please make the check out to Lyle Rapacki.

  23. Could you send me an address so I can contribute to Dr. Rapacki’s efforts towards trying to insure voter integrity. Your work is not just critical to Arizona but to the entire nation. God bless those of you working to make sure America stays true to the Constitution and present and future generations can enjoy the freedoms we elders have taken for granted.

    Wayne Collins

  24. “The county said supervisors respect the Senate’s right to hire its own auditors to review material the county has already provided. Still, the county plans to move ahead with the hiring of the two firms to audit election equipment and software. The firms are the only ones in the nation certified to examine the equipment.”
    The Republican-dominated county Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to do an audit they said was designed as “a multi-layered review that dives into the tabulation equipment’s software and hardware,” according to documents posted with the board agenda. “It will analyze hacking vulnerability, verify that no malicious software was installed, test that the machines were not sending or receiving information over the internet and confirm that no vote switching occurred.”
    The board also ordered a “logic and accuracy” test to confirm the tabulation equipment operates correctly. Similar tests were done before and after the November election and found the machines accurately counted ballots, and hand counts of a sample of ballots found the tallies were 100% correct.
    Now that that has been said, these two companies, from what I understand, are Dominion affiliated companies. This feels dangerously similar to hiring a thief to set up your security system, or better yet, allowing them to investigate their own crime. Where is the assurance that they are not able to manipulate, or even replace the software, to cover up what was done wrong? Efforts to resolve this have been stalled for almost 3 months… a lot can be done in 3 months by people that know how to do it!

  25. I live on Long Island and I and many of my friends and family are fed up and appalled at the widespread voter fraud that stole the 2020 election.
    Thank you for your tireless efforts in trying to set the record straight and expose it for the world to see proof of what it already knows happened.
    There is evil in Washington and it needs to be cast out.
    I would like to send you a small donation to help you in your efforts.
    I am a retired nurse on a fixed income but the country that I love is being stolen from us and I dont want my daughter and future grand children to live in a world of tyrrany.
    Please keep fighting for. Is The country needs you.
    God bless you and God bless the USA🇺🇸

  26. Gateway Pundit has reported this morning that the release of the ballots may be in jeopardy. I hope the supervisors effort to suppress the audit is fruitless. America deserves and demands to know the truth.

  27. Hi Lyle,

    You’ve been out a couple of times to talk with us about the audit soon to be conducted on the Dominion machines in Maricopa County… it looks like the fox is watching the henhouse if the article below is true: Can you shed additional light on what is going on? We are tired of the duck and hide approach of the County Election Board and believe that they should be arrested for obstruction among other crimes. We are being denied our civil rights which is a violation of Title 18 section 241, who do we need to contact to file a suit?

    1. Schedule the audit and bring in Mr. Pulitzer. If you have to strong arm him in then go ahead. His credentials are more than adequate. The people need to take back our elections. The left would have no problem shoving whoever they want into an audit legal or not. Please!! Get this done correctly!! The republic hangs in the balance.

  28. Dr Lyle,
    Please watch Jan. 31st program of Brannon Howse where his guests shows how they will cheat again in this recount.

    1. Prescott eNews
      P.O. Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ  86302

      If you are writing a check, please make the check out to Lyle Rapacki.

  29. Dr. Rapacki,
    I just saw a video that stated that the BOS in Maricopa Co. are the ones picking the auditing firms to conduct the election audit. I hope it isn’t so because that would be like having Col. Sanders counting your chickens. It makes no sense at all if it’s true, and it would be very disturbing, as well as a waste of time and money. Could you please clarify? ‘Who’ will be hiring the auditing firms?…………….
    Respectfully, T. Grasso

  30. Mike (Buzz) Brenneman

    We will never have a chance for another free or fair election, as we are standing at the edge of a crevasse one step from plunging into a single party system of continued corruption. Thank you Dr. Rapacki your pursuit of the truth must not stop.
    Warm Regards,
    Beach City, Texas

  31. Dear Dr. Lyle;
    Maybe someone has already suggested this but since most people who vote legitimately complete the ballot at least beyond the vote for president, wouldn’t it be worth investigating the ballots that only voted for Biden as president and left the rest of the ballot blank? It would be interesting to compare the two types of ballots side by side. Some people have complained how the Biden votes have seem to have been printed. It also would be interesting to compare the president only votes from prior years to see if there was a significant increase in those votes in 2020.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  32. Massachusetts is watching along with the rest of America. Waiting to see these deceitful officials be lead away in handcuffs. Mabe then they will start talking. Enough is enough they had their chance they spit in the faces of the Citizens of Nevada defying the Senate and Attorney General now it time to follow thru with the law. I know I don’t live in Nevada but what’s happening in this state will effect the whole country, hope it will prompt more investigations in the other contested states and give this election back to the people. God Bless Arizona and the United States of America

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