Arizona Senate Demands Investigation

Dr. Lyle Rapacki of Prescott eNewsArizona Today talks about the investigation of the voting machines, and ballots in Maricopa County. The discussion involves the actions of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and their refusal to obey the subpoenas sent to them by the Senate.

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20 thoughts on “Arizona Senate Demands Investigation”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and information, I wish we could have heard this before Jan 6. I completely agree with the gravity of your concerns. I wish you success tomorrow. Good Luck! Keep fighting!

  2. Great news! Comforting to know you and other patriots, along with the Arizona state legislature, aren’t giving up and moving on without investigating the mountains of evidence before it’s too late! I pray there has been no tampering of evidence! I hope other state legislatures are also swiftly taking action, but I am fearful they are not. However, the outcome in Arizona alone, could be additional needed proof at this crucial time! I will be scouring the internet for updates this afternoon!

    Grateful in Michigan,

        1. beverly lampley

          This is the first time I have heard someone really stand up for what is right.
          Arizona would go down in History demanding the truth before it’s too late.
          75 million Americans believe this election had many irregularities.
          Why not just prove right or wrong.
          I believe in you Arizona. Once you decide to do the right thing then others will follow.
          I pray you make the right decision!

  3. Donna Scheffler

    The entire Country is watching what is happening there in Arizona. I and others are not expecting to overturn the election, but many of us feel that there were some serious irregularities that need to be examined. And, I do think that if the Constitution states that the Legislature has the power to enforce subpoenas, then we should hold those in Maricopa County to it. If they have nothing to hide, just share the information and the machines. Please find a way to work together. The Country is splitting in the seams, but citizens have a right to be assured that their Elections Boards are handling voting with the seriousness it deserves. I for one wish that Pennsylvania would re-examine the voting and the machines and the ballots and re-assure the Citizens that there was no significant fraud.

    1. beverly lampley

      I totally agree! As the saying goes, “It’s never too late!”
      Arizona will go down as the State that helped Make America Great Again!
      Surely, there must be a way to get this done.
      Thank you and May God Bless!

  4. Any more updates to the investigation? It saddens me that big news media isn’t revealing this story to put the pressure on our government. If this isn’t done many Americans will lose faith in our democracy as well be sadden by those that have died to keep our god given rights and democracy! This isn’t about Trump and Biden this is about America and it’s people. Please reveal the truth and uphold the government to their duty!

  5. Charles Reynolds

    Dr. Rapacki,
    I must say, I wasn’t enthused with the biased spin of the article. Frankly, I’m sick of the press. I’m also tired of the Board’s games and disrespect. At this point, I feel the Legislature must just play hard ball.

    Having watched your informative segment, I found myself wondering if the ballots and voting machines have been secured all this time with proper chain of custody documentation endorsed by the Board. Also, noting the Board met with Rudy and the Colonel, who is to say they didn’t alter or manipulate the machines after learning about them. I’d be inclined to have them sign affidavits stating they did not tamper with them in any way, to include turning them on or off. If they turned them on, and they are connected to the Internet, information can be changed. This applies to thumb drives. Hopefully, forensic examiners will be able to ascertain time signatures of activities.

    Thank you!


    1. You are 100% correct! HARD BALL like the alleged and possible HARD BALL that has been played against ‘We the People’ and the legally elected president of the U.S.. WE ALL want to see some friggin ACTION! Make this happen ASAP!

      Thanks Charles!!!

  6. Dear Dr. Rapacki, words cannot express my appreciation for your work and editorial. I had virtually given up hope for the future of our democratic Republic until I saw your post on YouTube. (I downloaded it to my computer in case it might be censored.) I believe you are correct that this is about the future of America, far exceeding the scope and import of the results of the 2020 presidential election. I have also read the update. Unfortunately, the Senate cannot expect any genuine support from the judiciary. Fear is most powerful when one must act alone. Senators will have to have the strength of their principles and convictions and, as a group, exercise the Senate’s constitutional authority to enforce the subpoena, perhaps even to the point of seizing the Dominion voting machines. The deep state is real; opposition is formidable. It will take uncommon courage. It will take much prayer. It will take God’s strength. I am praying for you, Senate President Fann, Senator Borrelli and everyone God has raised up for this battle.
    Please consider posting your videos to Rumble where they are less likely to be censored. I fervently anticipate your updates and will subscribe to Prescott Enews in order to follow these efforts more easily.
    Thank you, and God keep you,

  7. Can some one please provide updates. This video was posted on social media today so many thousands have watched it and would like to know if an investigation by DHS or DOD is moving forward. You can post freely. on MeWe or Clouthut. Thank you

    1. “… if an investigation by DHS or DOD is moving forward.”

      Silence is your answer. Federal agencies have a history of zero effective action unless it affects them directly if they do not act.

      Govt. bloated with un-American and traitorous bureaucrats.

  8. The latest I read was that the judge has given a week for the two parties a week to resolve the issue. What is holding things up?

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