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Secure Your Future with a Trust Attorney

Image by succo from Pixabay As you plan for your future, it’s essential to consider the potential need for a trust lawyer. A trust lawyer is a legal professional specializing in creating and managing trusts, which are legal arrangements that allow you to transfer assets to your beneficiaries in a controlled and efficient manner. Trusts


Supreme Court has failed to find leaker of abortion opinion – Associated Press

The Supreme Court said Thursday an eight-month investigation that included more than 120 interviews and revealed shortcomings in how sensitive documents are secured has failed to find who leaked a draft of the court’s opinion overturning abortion rights. Ninety-seven employees, including the justices’ law clerks, swore under oath that they did not disclose a draft

Climate Change

Poll: Religious Americans less worried about climate change – Associated Press

Most adults in the United States – including a large majority of Christians and people who identify with other religions – consider the Earth sacred and believe God gave humans a duty to care for it. But highly religious Americans – those who pray daily, regularly attend religious services and consider religion crucial in their

John Stossel

Opinion: Scientific ‘Integrity’ – John Stossel

“Trust the science,” say the media. Polls show that fewer Americans do. There’s good reason for that. “They don’t trust science because science is increasingly untrustworthy,” says science writer Andrew Follet in my new video. “The only group that trusts science right now is Democrats.” Sixty-four percent of Democrats have “a great deal” of confidence


Opinion: Follow the Constitution and Count the People

Our democracy depends on facts and data — and right now, it’s under threat. There is no understating how incredibly important the census is. It all boils down to money and power. That is why the Trump administration, since the first week in office, has tried to skew the 2020 census count. The requirement for


ASU study: ‘Team Kids’ may improve perception of police through cop-kid activities

One group of volunteers was concerned about the homeless, so they donated clothes and shoes. Another provided blankets and towels for an animal shelter. And a third gave art supplies to an organization committed to brightening the lives of kids with cancer. Each group spent five weeks finding a cause they cared about, planning a

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