February 20, 2024 11:08 PM

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Ann Coulter

Opinion: Prove You’re Not ‘Easily Led,’ Evangelicals! – Ann Coulter

In 1986, The New York Times described evangelicals as “more easily led than other kinds of voters.” Then in 1993, The Washington Post reported that evangelicals were “largely poor, uneducated and easy to command.” (The Washington Post issued a correction; the Times did not.) For the past week, the media have been trying to prove


Poll: Arizona GOP has significant ‘Trump-only’ contingent – The Center Square

Arizona Republicans are split on their support for former President Donald Trump, with some saying they only support the president and not the party. Half of Arizona Republicans consider themselves supporters of the Republican Party, while 25% say their loyalty lies with Trump, according to the latest Arizona Public Opinion Pulse. The July AZPOP asked

donald trump

Trump, facing potential indictment, holds defiant Waco rally Associated Press

Facing a potential indictment, Donald Trump took a defiant stance at a rally Saturday in Waco, disparaging the prosecutors investigating him and predicting his vindication as he rallied supporters in a city made famous by deadly resistance against law enforcement. With a hand over his heart, Trump stood at attention when his rally opened with

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