February 20, 2024 9:45 PM

Social Security

Social Security and You

Retirees With ‘Disabled Adult Children’ – Social Security and You

This is going to be a column about DACs. And what’s that? It’s the abbreviation the Social Security Administration uses to refer to “disabled adult children.” Here is some background. Since almost the beginning of the Social Security program in the 1930s, minor children have qualified for benefits on a retiree’s record. A child gets


Opinion: Where Is the Third Rail When We Need It? – Inside Sources

Social Security is called “the third rail of American politics” because, in theory, politicians are supposed to understand the danger: touch it and die. The imagery of smoldering political careers has been rumored to protect Americans from lawmakers meddling with our retirement for more than 40 years. Despite the warnings, hundreds of members of Congress

Social Security and You

Social Security Update for 2024 – Social Security and You

It has been my custom for most of the past 27 years to write a year-end column that summarizes the Social Security updates scheduled to take place the following year. I already discussed some of these updates in a column back in October when they were first announced, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat them

Social Security and You

What’s That Check For? – Social Security and You

A couple weeks ago, a one-time check for $90 from the Social Security Administration showed up in my checking account. I wasn’t totally sure what that was all about, but I had a pretty good idea. Today, I got a letter from the SSA telling me all about the check, and it turned out my

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