February 20, 2024 10:25 PM

Scientific Discovery


Opinion – Point: The Webb Telescope Is a Bargain – Inside Sources

Photo: Mirror Assembly for the James Webb Space Telescope (Courtesy NASA) Those spectacular pictures of galaxies forming at a time very near the origin of the universe from the James Webb Space Telescope came at a pretty price: $9.7 billion, to be precise. It is fair to ask, “Is the Webb telescope project worth the

Quantum Computing

Using the “weird” in quantum computing to answer hard questions – NAU

Zeros and ones, qubits, superpositions, quantum photonics, entanglements, subatomic particles, artificial molecules; all terms that can sound like a foreign language—and that is because, in some sense, the world of quantum computing is. Ph.D. students Jaime Diaz and Taylor Begay-Wilson worked on a project in Bertrand Cambou’s class using IBM’s open software development kit, called qiskit, to better understand quantum computing and

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