February 20, 2024 10:56 PM

free speech

John Stossel

Opinion: Makers Versus Takers – John Stossel

Are you a MAKER or a TAKER? Politicians are often takers. They take our money (and freedom) in the name of achieving goals they rarely achieve. Elon Musk and Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be the best examples of maker and taker. They’re the stars of my video this week. Warren shouts, “Tax the rich!” She

Goldwater Institute

Goldwater’s Top Victories for Liberty in 2023 – The Goldwater Institute

The Goldwater Institute’s commitment to safeguarding the American Dream has never been stronger. Thanks to your support, we’ve spent 35 years defending individual liberty against government overreach, and in 2023, we scored dozens of victories for liberty, impacting the lives of millions of Americans for the better. Here are a few of the Goldwater Institute’s

Michael Barone

Opinion: The Intellectual Elite’s Institutional Rot – Michael Barone

Institutional rot. That’s the verdict recorded in recent days on the performance of leading institutions by observers not known for pessimistic temperaments or alarmist analysis. One occasion for such judgments was the testimony of three presidents of eminent universities — Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania — before a House


Opinion: Will the GOP Fight Anti-White Hate on Campus? – Gregory Hood

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] Bill Ackman is a billionaire hedge fund manger who runs Pershing Square Capital Management. He’s also a Harvard grad. He’s been one

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