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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Carbon emissions

That green lawn may not be so green: Gas-powered mowers are heavy polluters – Cronkite News

Gas-powered lawn equipment in Arizona emitted 445,908 tons of carbon dioxide in 2020, the polluting equivalent of putting 98,162 cars on the road, a new report says. The report Monday by the Arizona Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund also said gas-powered lawn mowers, blowers and trimmers contributed 985 tons of nitrogen oxides and 333


As water regulations shift – again – advocates, officials work to cope – Cronkite News

Photo: The San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona is the sort of seasonal waterway that could be affected by new Waters of the United States rules being developed by federal regulators after the Supreme Court sharply narrowed previous WOTUS regulations. (Photo courtesy Sandy Bahr/Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter) As regulators and advocates grapple with the


ADEQ Advises Public to Stay Away from Orange Liquid and Soil in Walker, Ariz.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) advises the public to stay away from orange liquid or orange soils near E Eagle Rd and E New Strike Ln in Walker, Arizona, an area surrounding the former Sheldon Mine (see vicinity map at end). ADEQ confirmed the presence of orange liquid and soils near E Sheldon

Air Quality

Arizona will fail clean-air standards if other states aren’t ‘good neighbors’ – Cronkite News

Photo: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Director Karen Peters, with glasses, said the EPA’s proposed “good neighbor plan” – to protect downwind states from pollution drifting in from elsewhere – is “crucial” to Arizona’s ability to meet clean-air standards. (Photo by Alexis Waiss/Cronkite News) Arizona is doing all it can to improve air quality but


City of Prescott Provides Monthly PFAS Test Results

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos Since the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) identified PFAS chemicals, including PFOS and PFOA, in city potable water wells in July 2022, the City of Prescott has made, and continues to make, operational changes to the city’s potable water system to ensure that Prescott water customers receive adequate supplies of safe, clean drinking water. 

Abandoned Mines

‘Good Samaritan’ bill aims to allow cleanup of abandoned, leaking mines – Cronkite News

Arizona could have as many as 100,000 abandoned mines, many leaching toxic minerals into the state’s waterways, but state environmental officials said cleanup has been hampered by the fear of litigation. That’s why Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Director Misael Cabrera was testifying Thursday in support of a proposed federal “good Samaritan” law aimed at

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