Prescott Film Festival

Prescott Film Festival Brings the World into Focus

Local angles & international stories share the screen, Sept. 27- Oct. 2 at YCPAC A look at the latest innovations in filmmaking; events that blend on-screen stories with real-time community outreach; and movies that share people from the other side of the world, and issues as close as smoke on the horizon. Bring your love

Prescott Public Library

Geology Talks: Making a Living in Petrography – Prescott Public Library

Geology Talks: Making a Living in Petrography, Tuesday, February 8 at 6pm John Fox is senior petrographer at Prescott Petrographics serving clients with petrographic analysis of concrete, aggregate, and powders in the construction industry. He will be discussing his career in geology and petrography, the study of microscopic properties of rocks and minerals. John Fox


Upcoming February/March Virtual Events at the Jim & Linda Lee Planetarium

The Jim & Linda Lee Planetarium at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University continues its mission of bringing the universe to you! Join us for a variety of fun, engaging, astronomy-themed virtual events from the comfort of your own computer. These virtual events are free. Visit our website to learn more: College of Engineering Speaker Series: Dr.


Creation Science in Prescott This Sunday, Oct. 25th

A Creation Science event sponsored by the Prescott Creation Science Association will feature Dr. Kevin Anderson, a microbiologist and professor of biology at the Arizona Christian University in Glendale. Dr. Anderson will speak on the topic, “Why I am a Creationist”. As a microbiologist and academic, Dr. Anderson will examine the scientific principles underlying creation


Living with the Land Lecture Series – The Cosanti Foundation

This October, The Cosanti Foundation is proud to present 4 lively lectures on what it is like to live in a harsh desert environment – something Arizonans know a lot about. Featuring thought-leaders and scholars in their respective fields, the lectures explore and reexamine the delicate balance between the Earth’s ecology and humankind’s impact on our planet. Known for its ecologically significant architecture at

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