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Creation Corner: Interview with Juanita Selser, Common Ground

David continues his critique of the way that evolution and deep time are taught in the government schools by showing how the textbooks deceive our kids, and interviews Juanita Selser about the men’s recovery ministry of Common Ground in Prescott.


Creation Science Returns to Prescott

The Prescott Creation Society has announced  that its first creation science seminar of the year will be held this Saturday,   April 17th,  from 9 am to noon at the Open Door Baptist Church, 8451 E. Stevens Drive, in Prescott Valley.  The featured speaker will be Dr. Thomas Kindell,  a nationally known speaker on creation science who

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Jay Seegert

David speaks with Jay Seegert from Wisconsin about his book, Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?,  and his ministry, The Starting Point Project. We all have a starting point, or worldview, that defines our beliefs and which we interpret everything else that we learn and experience. Jay is a professional creation speaker, and goes

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: David Peeples

David speaks with David Peeples about his book, The Mystery of Life, What’s it All About? Discovering the Truth in a Skeptical World  Hear the difference between micro and macro evolution and why the evolutionary theory could not have happened.

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Dr. Joseph Kezele

Dr. Joseph Kezele talks about the importance of the literal interpretation of Genesis, which teaches that the world was created a little over 6,000 years ago (probably in 4,004 BC). He is a medical doctor and professor at Arizona Christian University. in Glendale (teaching science & creation apologetics classes), and is the President of the

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Praying for all of Yavapai County

David talks with guest, Steve Joannes, about creation science and the proper perspective of viewing the Bible (the correct Biblical worldview). Joannes  walked around Prescott Valley praying for all the people in it, and how he then walked every street delivering a gospel tract to every home & apartment – a true spiritual warrior.

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