Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Interview with Juanita Selser, Common Ground

David continues his critique of the way that evolution and deep time are taught in the government schools by showing how the textbooks deceive our kids, and interviews Juanita Selser about the men’s recovery ministry of Common Ground in Prescott.

Arizona Today with Lyle Rapacki

Arizona Today with Rep. Mark Finchem

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Arizona Representative Mark Finchem who has announced his intention to run for Arizona Secretary of State in 2022.

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks with Rob Leahy

After a short hiatus, due to health issues, Glenn Martin is back with his Prescott Talks videocast. In this edition, Glenn interviews Rob Leahy, of Simply Rugged Holsters. Rob shows and talks about holsters, how they are sewn, and decorated, and how he started the business.

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