Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phil Waldron about the Audit

Dr. Lyle Rapacki discusses the current state of the Arizona forensic audit with Col. Phil Waldron. They talk about what a liaison is and isn’t, and some of the misinformation being distributed about the audit.

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10 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phil Waldron about the Audit”

  1. This is a contaminated “audit”. Karen Fann is a national disgrace. She has hired a known conspiracy theorist to conduct her “ audit”. The funding for her “audit” is a secret. Her liaison officer has been affiliated with Giuliani? Oh, brother! One of the ballot workers was filmed at trumps insurrection. Fann truly wants this audit to reflect trumps big election lie!

    1. Doug Logan, head of Cyber Ninjas is not a conspiracy theorist. He mentioned it in a couple of posts. Big deal. Her liaison officer is former Secretary of State Ken Bennet who isn’t affiliated with Guiliani. Where’s your proof?

      1. You have no patience.
        If you truly believe that the Election was won fair and square why are you so upset?
        But if their findings are other than what should be true then that opens the door to a HUGE INVESTIGATION.
        You are now talking about indictments, people having to step down and out of office.
        And that the eleven electoral votes will be striped from Biden.
        In Arizona has not been a blue state for over 72 years.
        If you go on youtube you will find you need to dig but you will find Biden telling the american people that he and his party rigged a way of organize a fraud for this election.

        1. All intelligent/ honest people know the election was a fraud. The Georgia fraud which we ALL saw with our own eyes with the late night boxes pulled out from under the table must be reviewed next. We will NEVER stop fighting until justice is restored and the current illegal regime in DC is removed. President Trump is the ONLY legitimate leader of out Nation

    2. The only disgrace is the fraudulent election. May I remind you the Rudolph Giuliani was and is a national hero beginning with his leadership during 9-11, as well as a former US attorney. There was no insurrection. Look up the definition of the word. Not one weapon was found on any person in DC at the Capitol. Leftists seem to focus on the echo chamber of your own propaganda, not facts. Why waste your time worrying about this anyway? Your mind is made up, so why not focus on your senile leftist president? Pay close attention as he mumbles his way through his next embarrassment.

  2. Never, never, never give up… we in the Mountains of Virginia are watching closely as the details of the 2020 election fraud/theft unfold. The crosses we in Virginia bare are named northam, warner, kaine. We have always wondered how they keep coming back, perhaps you are showing us.
    The whole world is watching as the details of this election are revealed… but the theft is common knowledge and has been since February 5th! If our VOTES do not count…there are going to be some very bad consequences … and the trees in America are going to become WIND CHIMES!

  3. Thank you from my red, white, & blue heart true REAL PATRIOTS “We the People” who don’t protest by riots, looting, killings, attacks on our police, enduring unfounded racial slurs & rhetoric & the complete censorship of our free speech happily by the mainstream media & all forms of Big Tech ! (Democrat wing of the political party) The selective reporting “as news” fueling the flames that black Americans (really just Americans too) attacked by the so called White Supremacy police! A bad cop killing a white person or other nonblack is not news worthy of nation wide wall to wall coverage; inciting violent riots and calling them peaceful protests! Media won’t report the deaths of thousands of black America by other criminal blacks living in Democratic run poor inter-cities including killing thousands of black children and tearing apart their families! Or, what about the millions of black babies killed by abortion and their unborn body parts sold in the name of research!

    Thank you to the brave and few platforms like Rumble,, GAB, Telegram, and the few and far between YouTubers who brave speaking the truth tip-toeing around word games so not to be suspended or deleted! The double standards and hypocrisy is so vivid! The double standards of the application of the law is in full display in America! Our 1rst President Donald J. Trump is still being unconstitutionally targeted through unfounded lawsuits without merit. Corrupt DAs taking news reports as evidence! DemocRATS impeached Trump over and over, but he was acquitted! Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has as fact committed violations of our criminal law, but no one investigates him! 3-attorneys of President Trump have been raided and privileged attorney client materials confiscated and investigations are ongoing! Yet, criminal activity on Hunter Biden’s laptop is of no concern to our DOJ even when collaborating evidence from persons having first hand knowledge of these crimes! There is no concern by the DOJ investigators of crimes by the Biden’s and their payments by foreign governments! There are no charges, no investigations of the “absolute proof” of crimes committed by the Biden family!

    Our country is under attack “from within” by the extreme DemocRAT leftist led by an in cognitive Joe Biden (you cannot deny your eyes) We all see it in full swing the loss of our freedoms, liberties, and constitutional rights brought on by these Anti-American institutions, RINOs, DemocRAT liars bearing false witness on Patriots and domestic and foreign terrorist! Our Justice Department of our country is now a dirty institution not for the people but for the elite and leftist Democratic political party attempting to change American!


    LETS MAKE IT CLEAR!❌ HISTORY SHOWS US IT WAS THE “DEMOCRTIC PARTY” THAT THE KKK WAS A PARTY TO❌Not the Republican Party that they would like you to believe if they say it over and over again‼️Why do you think they want to re-write history?

  4. My wife and I are from Virginia. The same corruption that went on in AZ and I dare say EVERY Dem run state seems obviously went on here. What can we do to get Virginia audited? There is no way to win an election of the PEOPLE as long as wicked people control the switch. May the the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ grant you all wisdom, insight, and HIS Eyes to see the TRUTH and only the TRUTH be known. Thank you! Keep up the GOOD and GOD work!

    1. What can we do to get Virginia audited?

      Tell everybody. Family, friends, enemies, acquaintances, everybody, by every means, email , phone, smoke signal, etc.. Ask them to tell your Government officials, elected or not, from US Senators to dog catcher, mostly state legislatures, that you want and audit, like the one in AZ.

      Find a group of patriots. Peaceably make your voices heard, in D.C., at your state capital, at your town hall.

      The dam of lies, holding back a river of truth, is about fall. Let us help remove all obstructions from the rivers of truth.

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