Arizona Today: More Reader Questions for Col. Phil Waldron, PART 2

Dr. Lyle Rapacki asks Col. Phil Waldron more questions that were submitted from readers.

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3 thoughts on “Arizona Today: More Reader Questions for Col. Phil Waldron, PART 2”

  1. Thanks Lyle and Colonel Waldron… let’s shine some light America!!!

    Do your part… it’s not only your American privilege it’s also your duty!

    God bless America

  2. To both Dr. Lyle Rapacki and Col Waldron, you are true patriots Do NOT give up our fight! It is virtuous and righteous. I have been following both of your interviews and videos for months now. Thank you both for your all of your efforts.

    Lt. Col. Paul A. Robinson (retired)
    US Army, Engineer
    “Rangers Lead the Way!”

  3. I have been praying for this audit since the beginning and I know many patriots have been also. Once this fraud has been proven here, the dominoes will begin to fall in many other states. I have 2 questions. Does Arizona have the legal authority to give Trump the electoral votes if he actually won the state? Number 2, if many other states have the same outcome, will the Supreme Court make the final decision to announce Trump as the true president? Thank you!

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