More Updates on the Audit and Dr. Rapacki reads some of his letters

Dr. Lyle updates us on the Arizona forensic audit, and reads some of his letters.


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    As I watch this report, I am also seeing that legal teams have now sued the Auditors who have been selected and hired by the Arizona Senate. Is this true? The judge who ordered the county supervisors to comply with the Senate subpoenas needs to arrest these people for contempt of court. Whatever or whomever they are trying to protect and hide must be biblical.

  2. Brian Peterson

    Keep us informed please. But also let us know about the challenges to the audit by legal firms and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors.

  3. Just more BS this audit should have already been done Wake up they are trying to discredit the chain of custody no reaso why the audit can’t be done right where the ballots are now. Who is in charge the senate is superior over the Board of supervisors just buying time to destory ballotts and they are getting away with it . The senates integrity is in question also.

  4. Ludford T. Creef

    Good morning Dr Lyle… Thank you for your update today Wednesday 4/7/21… Spring has arrived here in the Virginia Mountains… we are limbering up… people and mowers… the wild life are out and about, birds, squirrels, ground hogs, deer, the occasional bear . A year was stolen from the world, the ccp is engineering for war… they better realize that we still have a fire in our guts because of them. If they choose to move against America…what we did to Japan was insignificant in comparison to what they will experience (Space Force), they too have already attacked us. We are mostly peaceful people but quite resourceful and according to our very resourceful Marine Corps, even a Q tip can be used as a weapon when deployed properly. First we must clean our own house of those who would tear down our way of life… when Termites attack our home we call the people who know how to eradicate them… socialist have attacked our government, they must be exposed and removed forever.
    Please keep up your County / State clean up… be the example and lead the Nation, this is new territory we are watching to see how you eradicate your fraudster TERMITES, make them ineligible to ever be in any form of trust again.
    You asked for suggestions, we are retired and likely will never see your beautiful State in person, why not include some film of your town, county and state, just a quick walking tour of where you live. Just a minute or two to wear your cowboy hat and show off your environment and people riding their old trucks, tractors and horses. Ludford Creef, Virginia Mountains…

  5. Arizona People need the truth no one says anything about the North Korean Jet full of ballots in Arizona back in Nov no mention of the security at the hanger protecting the jet is the same protecting the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS the whole state government is corrupt Shute looks that way . The People are fed up and are not going to stop never never never , Someone should stare talking mabe they can keep themselves out of PRISON because lots are going there it’s coming.

  6. Richard Pinkham

    It is sounding like another snow job as they are basicly doing a recount again and not investigating the ballots themselves, and the time that this has taken would allow supervisors to make real ballots to replace the fake ballots.. Are the machines going to be investigated?

    1. Deborah Weston

      The ballots are being inspected and the machines are also being autopsied. Watch the vids with Phil Waldren. 🙂

  7. Anthony Criqui

    Wow, Dr Rapacki!

    I see how busy you are but want you to know how it is to keep the Citizens in formed. Thank you!

  8. Deborah Weston

    Dr. Lyle,
    Thank you so much for what you are doing with this pod cast. I will be a resident of AZ in the not to distant future, and yes where we bought property we will be surrounded in blue, but that’s ok… maybe we can convert them! Living at present in one Party CA, my home state, it is unbearable to watch this once great state become the mess it is. We have no representatives in DC of a conservative nature with the exception of Mike Garcia, but he is only one man against the monster of blue. My Dad was a Marine, and it breaks my heart that he fought for this country that is turning it’s back on Veterans now that this new Regime is in control. He taught me to be truthful and to have integrity. And yes, I would like to see this election be reversed or overturned. But more importantly, I want to see the truth about these corrupt politicians, Dem & GOP, come to the light of day and see justice come to them. They are Traitors to this great country. Keep up the great work and I can hardly wait to move there.

    Deb Weston

  9. Please God let the truth come out . I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a priest who is not afraid to speak his own thoughts and that was simply ” The devil is in the Democrat party ” . That said it all.

  10. Eighteen months. That is how long the traitors have before the next election. We are watching now, and the states are plugging the holes in the system. They know their time is limited, that is why all the things they are doing are done in such a way as to make it impossible to undue them. I would love to finally know the truth about the election. I believe it must be shown to the entire country, without bias and without editing. Hopefully that will happen.

  11. If it is found that the democrat party, officials and party members, colluded with China to steal the election, what will happen? They seem to get caught doing lots of things anyone else would go to jail for, and they walk. Will they get to keep what they stole? What about all the down ballot candidates? Did the republicans actually win the House?, Did they win the Senate? We don’t know and in order to have confidence in our system, we have to know without a doubt who won. If not, elections will be “shows” not true government by the people.

  12. The Demoncrats don’t want this audit done. Are they afraid something derogatory will come out about the election they don’t want you to know? If not they wouldn’t have filed sue to stop it. This audit needs to continue for the American people.

  13. Is there a way to send a donation to help Dr. Lyle with his and others work? I (here in the USA) and my daughter in Germany would like to contribute and help. Choice blessings and thank you!

    1. Linda,

      Dr. Rapacki’s address is Prescott eNews, P.O. Box 2825, Prescott, AZ 86303. If you are mailing a check, please make it out to Lyle Rapacki.

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