Interview with Representative Mark Finchem

Dr. Lyle Rapacki, of Arizona Today, interviews Representative Mark Finchem about the alleged election fraud in Maricopa County. Rep. Finchem announces that he is seeking a meeting with the Arizona Attorney General to call for a Grand Jury to be convened to look at the evidence.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with Representative Mark Finchem”

  1. How can this be going on ? All of America should be aware of the extreme measures that the supervisors are going to to stop a legitimate investigation. More than half this country has doubt about the election , I myself have watched videos of live testimony from people who whitenesses the election Fraud first hand. Lots of videos before most were removed. I wonder what these elected politicians are hiding ,how many of them are in the pockets of other country’s. Trump is a big threat to them he was the one person who was not afraid to expose them , now they want to shut down news outlets to stop the reporting of crooked politics and expose the truth of how they rigged an election . I think now more than ever Americans are wanting truthful answers not bull shit. I beleave the riots over the summer were funded secretly to try to make the President look bad , also the capital riots were also pre planned again to try to frame the President . The Democratic Party is not the party of 20 years ago they are a radical party looking for total control of all Americans and all things sacred to America . Don’t Stop the fight I never will give in to communism or socialism as long as I’m breathing my children and grand children deserve the America millions fought and died for it cannot be all in vain.

  2. Thank you for this interview and information. The 2020 election seemed to be full of irregularities and issues. Please continue to pursue the truth about the 2020 election. Please do a forensic audit on all the ballots, ballot images, and voting machines. I wish you much success in your work.

  3. Wow only 4 people commented, are people losing interest ? I hope not the future of America is in trouble every American-should be concerned ,elections must be fair and honest without honest elections America is all done . Anyone caught rigging an election or committing election fraud should be charged and prosecuted no exceptions . Mail in voting must be banned ,it only invites fraud .

  4. Thank you for keeping us informed of your progress in Maricopa County. I live in Pennsylvania, and I hope you expose all the fraud in your state. We need courageous people like you to set an example for my state and others to follow.

  5. I understand the frustration of those of us who’ve been following this. We all wanted to see a “real” forensic audit happen, but it seems that the Democrats will fight with dirty tricks and any illegal tool they can find. If more republican congressmen used similar tactics, I believe there would be more support. If we don’t fight like they do, we’ve lost this country!

  6. it gets increasingly harder to find factual news online because the news with the truth in it seems to be at the bottom of a search page or several pages deep to the search. even now if you look for arizona forensic audit, it will have an audit that was done 2-3 weeks ago (but they make it seem like it was done yesterday). but they finally got the results for it and post it to make people believe there was nothing wrong with the dominion machines. those audits were done by the same 2 companies that set the machines up around the country. do you really think they are going to tell you that there were issues? now a real audit is being done with the machines and ballots. but the 2 companies that just did the audit 2 weeks ago more than likely tampered with the machines . but i still think there will be proof of massive fraud. keep the faith. millions of americans are still in this fight

  7. Dr. Repacki, now that the courts have ruled the Legislature is entitled to examine all 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County, I’m hearing that the Legislature is backing down… saying that they only want to audit a percentage of the ballots. Are you kidding me??? After all these weeks and months of fighting for this, now they don’t even want to complete this critical process? What is going on? “Politics as usual”? I live in New Jersey, and I have been following this story since day 1. Our country has been pushed to the very brink of insanity over this election, and we PLEAD with you, please don’t let this fight die. The courts have given their blessing – this forensic audit MUST happen. And it has to be 100%… or nothing. This is the only thing that will put an end to the doubts once and for all. What happens in AZ is going to set the stage for every other state, and the very sanctity of our United States elections process is literally depending on the outcome of this audit. Please!!

  8. Don’t settle for anything less than a 100% forensic audit!!! Many have been following the fight for an complete audit by the Senate…don’t quit now!!! Waiting for answers to Maricopa election.

  9. Okay Mr. Ripacki. You are up to bat. Swing for the fences.
    Word is out about the half assed audit the SENAtTE wants to run. This is the Twilight Zone. A number allies are now at the eleventh hour backing away from their duty and commitment?!

    Fincham, Pully, Famm??
    Whether for personality conflicts, pride or maybe things they don’t want exposed they are shutting out the person we all know would give the most thorough and transparent of investigations.

    Not acceptable. I know it won’t be easy because you’ve probably made friendships with these people but it falls to you to challenge them. The consequences of a misstep at this point are hard to overstate.

    In keeping with the baseball metaphors you cannot pitch softballs. Bring the high heat. Some chin music. Please.

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