The Coming Civil War? Parts 1 & 2

The Oath Keepers of Yavapai County and the Yavapai County Preparedness Team warn of coming civil disorders.

Regardless of how the presidential election is settled,  Jim Arroyo argues that the violent protests and looting  we have seen this year in major American cities are likely to continue or even spread.  This creates a risk to average citizens of social and economic breakdown,  supply disruptions and man made emergencies beyond what law enforcement and the military will be able to control. Personal safety,  food security and medical  care are now at risk in ways Americans have never before experienced.  It is imperative that we take common sense steps to prepare ourselves and our families for these contingencies.

Mr. Arroyo discusses the measures  we can take now to provide for our self defense,  prepare for shortages of food and medicine,  and maintain emergency  communications with short wave radios.  In Part 2, Arroyo discusses how to prepare neighborhoods and communities for the civil war.

Through this series of  video presentations hosted by Prescott eNews  and twice monthly meetings open to the public,  the Oath Keepers of Yavapai County and the Yavapai County Preparedness Team provide free training on emergency preparedness.

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19 thoughts on “The Coming Civil War? Parts 1 & 2”

  1. That has been my thoughts for over a year as the liberals have been acting like they have a need for everybody’s money, the money they refuse to earn and just take. And we should make plans and be prepared to react to them.

  2. Due to the way the election was run I’d say yes. It was partly to blame on both parties of bidens campaign for the ads they run and for trump not taking quicker action to get a handle on when it started. Biden ran ads that could have been mistaken as false accusations on his ads against trump depends on how people look at his ads.

  3. I say it’s time for all who love our country to take back what’s ours by whatever means we have at our disposal. You all know what I mean. History repeats itself if we don’t learn the lessons of days past.

    1. Take it back to what??? Take it back from whom??? America is a democracy. Our beautiful Constitution insures a balance of power.
      It is time to stop all this fear mongering and division. We are the UNITED STATES of America.
      These not so veiled threats of violence are not what our Founding Fathers set up in the Constitution.

      1. Are you kidding??? You have not seen what a small number of radical nutcases can do to a city like Minneapolis or Portland when the local government decides political correctness is more important than safety and security. Way too many sheeple around with their heads up where the sun don’t shine, imho.

      2. First off America or USA is a republic with a democratic process. This does not make america as a nation a democracy. Second people of america who elected the people calling america a democracy is the problem. We as the people of the United States of America need to abolish the payment system for senators and house of reps to become servants under the constitution and go back to the roots of freedom explained in the constitution and its amendments. The gentleman that you asked what needs given back is the power to people to keep their individual rights. Now as i see it you need a lesson on its history and why this is a flashpoint.

      3. We are a Republic. NOT A
        Democracy !!!! Get that in your head.
        The Leftist News uses that term.
        * WE ARE A REPUBLIC *

      4. Uhhhhh, what? Yes they did set it up that way. In George Washington’s second term, 85% of the voting public were openly calling for him to, literally, be be-headed, for the Jay Treaty. In the Jefferson-Madison letters they literally discuss this and the reason they needed to get others on board with, what would become known as, the 2nd Amendment. America is a Republic. Read the Constitution. It is only a democracy when voting for elected positions. Neo-liberals were all for State Rights during the last 4 years, now that Biden has won the election they’re all about Federal power. EXACTLY, what the Founding Fathers warned us about. You would do well to crack a history book and read about the ACTUAL reasons the lead to the War of Northern Aggression. Cliff Notes- 10th Amendment gave states the right secede. Lincoln didn’t care about the secession until 6 months later when the US coffers were extremely low on taxed money as 13 states had quit paying. Lincoln was a President for ONLY the states that were like minded unto him. He treated the office like kingship, taking away rights that ARE guaranteed under the Constitution and tore up Habeas Corpus. All of which ate things liberal governors are doing now and Biden plans to do.

  4. I do believe this is what is coming. If they will go to such great lengths to steal the election, they will do anything to finish the job. I personally saw evidence of ballot box stuffing in Mesa when I went to turn in my early ballot. I reported it and got no response other than nothing to see here.

  5. tomorrow begins the open trials in PA. the end of this month AZ begins open hearings and first week in dec Michigan will begin their open hearings. all witnesses and sign affidavits at the ready. time to put all these leftists back where they have been the past 4 years. or even farther if possible.

  6. Technocrats! Big Tech censoring the president of the United States. People that don’t have mainstream views are silenced. Constant attacks on our constitutional rights. They can’t just let people have their own beliefs and live in peace. They keep pushing and telling people how they should live. This won’t end well.

  7. The time for Civil War has come regardless of your opinions. You cant stop it, liberals have gone way too far. Democrats and liberals are perverting our country. It’s time to put them down for good. I don’t agree with everything republicans do, I love my planet, but if I have to choose between being an old school conservative and a new school liberal radical then for me the choice is clear. It’s time to fight.

    1. You’re delusional, there is no ‘radical, liberal left’. The needle has swung so far to the right that even the middle is what you consider ‘radical left! I consider Joe Biden a middle/right politician . If you want ‘radical left’, look no further than Dwight Eisenhower or can you remember that far back? You would consider him as ‘radical left’ these days. Bernie Sanders isn’t as far left as Franklin Roosevelt was! I consider people like you so far right as to be happy with fascism. That worked so well for Mussolini and Hitler didn’t it?

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