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May 29, 2024 7:30 PM

Time to Fight Back – Buz Blog

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” – Thomas Jefferson

It may have started with Marx or the globalists, or those who want to create a “new world order”, but it doesn’t matter. The result has been a culture war that is aimed at destroying Western Civilization, our heritage, American society, the nuclear family, religion, and human rights. It is truly time to start confronting those that espouse these asinine, divisive, anti-American ideas. With the “cancel culture” cannibalizing some of their own, it is dying out. Now, no one should have any fear of attacking the ideas that everyone knows are contrary to truth, science and logic.

So how do we fight back in this culture war? In casual conversations with friends, relatives or acquaintances, we need to make polite corrections when they use politically correct terms. For instance, when someone refers to transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, (nee William Thomas) as “she” or “her”, courteously say, “you mean he or him”? If they tell you that he identifies as a woman, ask them if they believe in science? Gently advise them that persons who have xy chromosomes are men, no matter how they identify themselves or what surgical or chemical procedures they have done to their bodies. Then tell them that no matter how many in the media, academia or Democrats buy into this fantasy, you will not, and they shouldn’t either. Unless of course, they believe in misconception over science.

In a similar vein, should the subject of multiple sexes arise, bring up the scientific fact that there are only two sexes. If the wokester you are a confronting tells that there are as many as 72 or more sexes, ask them to name the other sexes. They may be able to name four or five made up sexes, other than male and female, but regardless of how many they name, one only needs to ask them in which biology text they found them. Other than the very rare hermaphrodite, there are not any other sexes but male or female in biology. The radical progressive may point to a sociology or psychology paper or study, but these are, at best, speculation or biased opinion and not scientific fact.

The left is always spewing forth accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, et. al. The reason isn’t to engage in an intellectual debate. In fact it is quite the opposite, to suppress debate. They have no logical arguments to counter facts, so they make false assertions hoping to silence opposing views. It is not racist to point to the fact that Blacks commit a higher percentage of crimes than Whites or Asians. It is not transphobia to point out that it is a mental illness if you don’t know if you are a man or a woman. It is not xenophobia to address the fact that America’s Constitutional form of government produced the freest, most advanced society in world history. Hopefully, we can make it great again.

We need to confront the media, the government and the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), with all the devastatingly deleterious effects of illegal immigration. Not only are people dying attempting to get to our borders, the Biden Administration’s blind eye to the problem is making the Mexican cartels rich. Human trafficking is reinstituting slavery in our own country and enabling more child sex crimes. It is bankrupting our cities, increasing crime and bringing in diseases we had once eradicated and some we are seeing for the first time.

The price of the climate change fanatics proposals to eliminate fossil fuels, will cause the price of everything to go up. Bidinflation is bad enough without that. Without the by-products of oil, everything in our homes would fall apart. There are economic and quality of life justifications to drill now and drill more.

All of us need to address the declining state of our country. We need to write letters to the editors. We need to write our elected representatives. We need to confront those who want to destroy our country whenever we see, hear or read it. If all of us do this, we will no longer be seen as the silent majority. We will be acknowledged for what we really are: the Majority of normal, rational citizens. We’ve been silent too long.


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  1. Absolutely brilliant piece. Thanks Buz. This from a police officer, retired and no doubt a well read person with a ton of common sense.
    Most Prescott area people will not read this piece by Buz Williams . But am positive most people not addicted to Tic-Tok or MSNBC are mentally confused to a degree on what they read and see regarding our American culture.
    There has always been Tom Boys (girls) and effeminate boys we have known in our schools but most all grow up as normal adults with some adopting the gay lifestyle. Hopefully a renaissance of the true American culture and a strong resurgence of the Silent Majority – Tea Party movement will prevail November 5th.

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