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Opinion: Reimagining Vocabulary – Buz Williams

He who controls the language controls the masses”.
Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

One can’t help noticing the vocabulary on the left. In the above quote, Constitutionalists will note that, like all communists/socialists, Alinsky refers to “the masses” rather than individuals. It is a whole lot easier to steal freedom from the masses when you don’t have to deal with individuals.

One of their most overused words the last few years is “reimagining”. They use it when the left finds something that it finds distasteful or something that they want to reform to their own stilted way of thinking. The progressives want us to “reimagine” our criminal justice system. They want us to reimagine our bail system.

While reimagining may sound like innovative, out of the box, thinking that can be utilized to solve complex problems facing our communities, it is far from that. To socialists, progressives, communists and leftists, reimagining means changing what works for what they think will work better. It never does.

For example, the left, in many cities and states, has reimagined the criminal justice system. So how has that worked out? Not real well. The progressives in those jurisdictions have reduced many felonies to misdemeanors. They have released many criminals on early release. They have decriminalized several crimes involving narcotics and intoxication. The results are that all crime has increased greatly. Murders and other violent crimes are way up. Property crimes, car jacking and thefts, shoplifting, and smash and grabs are now everyday occurrences. There is more homelessness.

When they reimagined our criminal bail system, many blue areas have stopped the requirement of arrestees putting up cash bail, (usually through a bail bondsman), to get out of jail prior to their court appearances. The result of this “reimagining” is that the crooks have realized that once they are arrested, they will be released after only a few hours, at most. They will be able to commit more crimes without fear of spending even a full day in jail. The result is that the crime rate continues to rise like a tsunami.

The democrat/leftists/progressives are very fond of pointing to “the science”. The fact that they often confuse a consensus of scientific opinion with “settle science”, has little effect on the expression of their views. While they are happy to refer to science when writing or speaking on climate change, (which they have alternately referred to as “nuclear winter”, global warming and climate change), they want to reimagine science when it comes to gender. While gender really IS settled science – men have an X and Y chromosome and women have two X chromosomes – these extremists want to promote the fallacy that there are more than two sexes. They can’t even agree on the number of sexes they want to reimagine.

Another far leftist phrase is the “new normal.” This is a term to make the masses feel better when their ruinous reimaginings have made our living conditions, culture and/or economy much worse. The new normal is 8% or higher inflation. The new normal is skyrocketing crime, more and more homelessness, as well as endless illegal immigration. Let’s forget the new normal and imagine, remember and reimplement our traditions that made this the greatest nation in history.


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  1. Time to read “1984” again or for the first time. Orwell defines what Saul Alinsky and progressive Socialists take Karl Marx’s theoretical human utopia into repurposing American culture and capitalism. Here, greed replaces ambition to succeed and climbing up the ladder to greater prosperity by personal effort is contrary to what government should be doing. On this note, the Pilgrims of 1620 would have died off as their government failed to take care of the Plymouth Colony.

  2. While strictly speaking there are only two genders there are people who fit in the “none of the above” category. The progressives may try to say that these people are different genders but that is going too far.

    The real world is often complex and defies simplistic categorizations. We live in an imperfect world in which events may not always be what we hope or expect. Every year millions of children are born in America. Most of these births are without complications and the children are healthy. There are, however, some births in which birth defects are present such as Down syndrome, spina bifida, cleft lip, sickle cell disease, congenital heart defects, and the list goes on and on.

    Some of these birth defects involve malformed or missing genitalia, reproductive organs and chromosomal abnormalities in the 23rd chromosome pair in the human genome (sex chromosomes). This is the world of the intersex people. The intersex condition is a complex subject since there is a lot that can go wrong and sometimes does go wrong. Not all intersex conditions involve chromosomal abnormalities but many do. Some of the more common intersex conditions have names like Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY syndrome) or Turner syndrome (45,X syndrome). Others are simply referred to by names such as XYY genotype and XXYY genotype.

    Yes, it is nice to compartmentalize things into nice, neat categories. Most people are born XX (female) and XY (male) with the matching phenotype so it is tempting to try to place everyone in these two buckets. In the real world there are outliers (the intersex) that don’t really fit in either of these categories. Often intersex people are assigned to one of the binary genders depending on their condition and the severity of the condition. There is nothing wrong with this. For children this helps them blend in with their peers (what child wants to be thought of as “different”?). At the same time there is nothing wrong with the intersex being in the “other” category.

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