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May 20, 2024 10:35 AM

Opinion: Building Haiti Right Here in the United States – Jared Taylor

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When the worst becomes the norm.

Maybe you have heard of Pro Publica. It is a non-profit news organization. Kind of like American Renaissance – but different. It’s got a $30 million budget, $60 million in assets, and 100 journalists – which makes it as big as a major daily. The two top boys make about $450,000 a year, and six of its editors make between $250 and $300 thousand a year.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution if you think they aren’t paid enough.

These high rollers are hard, hard lefties, with headlines like “What People Who Live in Mostly White Towns Need to Know About History.”

Pro Publica will tell them. And did you know that “Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men From Hate Speech But Not Black Children”?

“Black Men Have the Shortest Lifespans of Any Americans. This theory Helps Explain Why.”

You can guess what that theory is. And here’s a story that explains how “Racist Capitol Police Officers” let “white nationalists” “storm the building.”

And “How Machines Learn to be Racist.”

You’ve got to keep an eye on those machines. You know those traffic cameras that catch you speeding or running a red light and send you a traffic ticket in the mail?

Looks like they have learned to be racist. Just last month Pro Publica told us that “Chicago’s ‘Race-Neutral’ Traffic Cameras Ticket Black and Latino Drivers the Most.”

Race-neutral is in quotes.

Pro Publica looked through millions of automatic traffic tickets and found that over a period of a couple of years, households in black neighborhoods got four citations, while households in white neighborhoods got fewer than two. Hispanics were in the middle with three. Pro Publica jumped and roared and wriggled but could not come up with any evidence that the cameras can tell black drivers from white drivers. The article never quite admitted that you get a ticket if you drive badly and that blacks and Hispanics are worse drivers. It did concede, though, that blacks die in traffic crashes at twice the rate of whites and that setting up cameras reduces traffic accidents.

But that is not to deny “the racial inequities baked into the camera program.”

Baked in! These cameras are saving black and Hispanic lives, but Pro Publica says they’ve got to go because they catch and fine BIPOCs more than they catch and fine whites. Pro Publica even dug up someone named Olatunji Oboi Reed, who explained that “the root cause of traffic violence in our society that is disproportionately impacting Black and brown people is structural racism.”

And those cameras are part of it.

The article has a dire warning. Racism could spread because “elected officials and others are pointing to cameras as a ‘race-neutral’ alternative to potentially biased — and, for many Black men, fatal — police traffic stops.”

Fortunately, there are alert Olatunjis everywhere who are stopping racism in its tracks. Pro Publica points out that Miami and Rochester, New York got rid of their cameras because they were racist. It says “racial justice advocates” have turned on Washington DC ever since a think tank found that “Predominantly black neighborhoods in D.C. bear the brunt of automated traffic enforcement.”

This is a classic pattern: Establish rules. Blacks and Hispanics then break the rules. That proves the rules are racist. Get rid of the rules.

This has been going on for years in public transport. People arrested for fare-beating or turnstile jumping are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic.

And so, transit systems from California to New York decriminalized fare-beating. Now, if the police bother to stop you at all, you get a ticket, not an arrest. And if you don’t pay, no one cares. And because it costs nothing to ride, bums have started living on subway trains.

San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland also decriminalized what they called “crimes of poverty,” — because non-whites were arrested for them more often than whites. The result? Vagrancy, public defecation, aggressive panhandling, and prostitution all over downtown — and tent-city slums.

San Francisco has “safe sleeping spaces” for bums and addicts. The city feeds them and – believe it or not – gives them drugs. No wonder this “Homeless San Francisco Man Says He Came to City For Drugs.”

He says he even got a free cell phone. And, of course, San Francisco won’t enforce the law against even the most brazen shop lifters because that hurts black and brown people, too. [[0:03 – 0:19]]

New York City has the same problem. Last month, the New York Post ran a story about a Rite Aid store that closed because shoplifters were cleaning out the shelves.

Who should notice this eye-opening story but Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador. “Is there a deliberate plan to destroy the United States from within?” he wanted to know.

It makes you wonder when people from El Salvador think we’re becoming a Third-World country.

Last year, Philadelphia discovered that “racial disparity does exist in certain types of car & pedestrian stops,” so the city decided to rethink what it calls “quality of life” crimes.

They won’t be crimes at all in the heavily black 14th Police District unless a policeman comes along and politely asks the perp to stop. Here are the fun things you can now do.

Drink, litter, gamble, defecate, trespass, block traffic, make deafening noises, and turn tricks. You and your client can have at it on the sidewalk unless a cop tells you to stop. All this because of those pesky “racial disparities” in who breaks the law.

Here’s a headline for you: “Ingham County prosecutor to limit gun charge that disproportionately impacts Black people.”

In Michigan, you get two more years to your sentence if you carry a gun when you commit a crime but – horrors – 80 percent of the people serving additional time are black. So, this nice white lady, Carol Siemon, won’t enforce that law.

Why stop there? Murder, robbery, aggravated assault – black people are up to 15 times more likely than white people to do those things, so the laws are obviously racist. Empty the jails.

Here’s a different example from just this month: “VMI will change honor system that expels Black cadets at disproportionate rates.”

You see, you can be expelled from the Virginia Military Institute if you violate the honor code. Blacks are just 6 percent of the cadets, but are 43 percent of the those who break the code and are expelled. That means a black cadet is 11.8 times more likely than one who isn’t black to get the boot. Clearly, the problem is racism, not black behavior. We can’t expect blacks to live up to nasty, 183-year-old white standards, so VMI will make it harder to expel rule breakers. Jamica Love, VMI’s brand-new chief diversity officer will keep tabs on the new, defanged honor system to make sure it’s not racist.

And, of course, math is racist because white and yellow people are better at it than black and brown people. The state of Oregon adopted this manual on “dismantling racism in mathematics instruction.”

As this section points out, “white supremacy culture shows up in the classroom when the focus is on getting the “right” answer.

The whole manual is full of loony stuff.

Needless to say, “America’s gifted education programs have a race problem. Can it be fixed?”

Short answer: No. And now we’re on to “Dismantling White Supremacy in Public Libraries.”

We must stop fining people who don’t return books, because certain people are more likely to keep books out too long.

And I assume you know that standardized tests are white supremacist, which is why black and brown people get lower scores. And that is why “Dismantling White Supremacy Includes Ending Racist Tests like the SAT and ACT.”

Hundreds of colleges now don’t want to see test scores from applicants. They want “diverse” students, and they know they can’t get them unless they lower standards.

Once they get rid of standardized tests they can let in all the BIPOCs they want and pretend they were just as qualified.

Where do we stop? Cities are already making themselves unlivable. Why not the whole country?

The idea of the Civil Rights Movement was that once they had legal equality, blacks would rise to the level of whites. They can’t, so they didn’t. Our foolish rulers now claim that the problem was the standards we had always expected whites to live by: Don’t shoplift. Obey the honor code. Get the right answer. Buy a subway ticket. Return library books. Reward effort. Hire the best. That’s all racist now and has got to go.

What happens when black behavior becomes the standard? You can coast for a while on the rules white people set up for themselves, but who wants to be the last chump to pay for groceries when everybody else is shoplifting? That way lies Haiti. Even people in El Salvador can see it.



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