February 26, 2024 3:09 AM

Opinion: Has the Rebellion Begun?

Spending seven days in Southern California in the middle of July was enlightening. My youngest son and his family just moved into an older middle class neighborhood in Lakewood, CA. Even though the Fourth of July had been the week before, many of the houses were still flying the Stars and Stripes on their porches. There were pickup trucks flying full sized American flags in their beds.

My son told us that up and down his whole street his new neighbors were shooting off fireworks to honor our nation’s Independence. These observations confirm what we had seen late last year in California. The middle class in America is not buying into the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist agenda and that the United States is a corrupt nation populated by racists.

Saul Alinski’s ends his Rules for Radicals with the point that the power in this country is in the middle class and that the children of the middle class have to be converted to the radical views. Over the years, they have indoctrinated many teachers and have been using text books that disparage our country, its founders and our form of capitalism and government. Now it seems that the diminishing middle class is starting to fight back. School board meetings are being swarmed by angry parents who are demanding that schools stop teaching pre-adolescents about things like “gender identification”, transsexualism, as well as Critical Race Theory and transvestites reading stories to preteens.

Most Americans saw through the media, progressive, corporate and social media hypocrisy last summer. That was when we were being ordered, cajoled, and shamed into self quarantining, social distancing and wearing masks. Of course, those restrictions didn’t apply if you were protesting George Floyd’s death, systemic racism or you wanted to defund the police. Who can forget the illustrative dishonesty when the leftist cable news reporter was telling us about the “mostly peaceful protest” while a city was burning in the background.

During this past year and a half, leftist government officials, some elected and some appointed bureaucrats, have greatly curtailed our God given rights. They have done this arbitrarily and without logic and reasoning. Liquor stores and cannabis retailers were considered “essential” but not gyms or churches or gun stores. No more than five or six or some other bureaucratically picked numbers of persons could gather for holiday gatherings, but there was no limit on the number of mostly peaceful protesters. After complying for what seemed like an endless amount of time, some heroic beauticians, gym owners, restaurateurs and pastors started defying these edicts.

Now our clueless president has come out and said that the CDC will be requiring elementary and high school students to wear masks when they return in the fall semester. The man who told us to “follow the science” regarding global warming, (by the way, a consensus is not settled science), does not want us to follow the science that shows that young children and teenagers are the least likely to contract or spread the virus. Yet this so-called leader is allowing illegal aliens from all over the world to enter our country without a COVID test or any other health check, and then transports them all over the country.

The people of this country are getting fed up. If students are required to wear masks this fall, they will rebel, not only against that, but about teaching our children Critical Race Theory, quarantining healthy people, and requiring vaccines, and many other contentious issue. It looks like this rebellion has already begun.


2 thoughts on “Opinion: Has the Rebellion Begun?”

  1. Thomas M Harrell

    Has the Rebellion begun ?
    I Sincerely hope NOT but if a fight is what the Proud boys want then the Second Amendment Rights are oiled, Loaded, Sighted in and Ready !
    I hope it’s not the ONLY way we can Protect our Cherished Democracy but IF it IS we would be Stupid to NOT be READY for it !

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