February 26, 2024 3:01 AM

Keys to Stopping the Creeping Socialism

With a President who is, at best, only half there, with a Congress that has a slim majority tilting hard to the left, and a media that lies and obfuscates about conservatives and their policies, we are speeding down the road to socialism. That road does not have to end in socialism. There are already Constitutional and practical roadblocks in place to stop the erosion of our God given rights

The Tenth Amendment of our US Constitution states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This is not difficult or esoteric language. It is easily understood. Despite the wording, the Tenth Amendment has probably been the most violated by all three branches of the Federal government. The States have let their power granted by this Amendment to be stolen, trampled and whittled down.

That individual States have the ability to stop federal encroachment on their power was vividly displayed during the Covid alarm. While many States, usually blue Democrat states, followed the draconian recommendations of unelected, so-called health experts, and enacted by governors, other States did not.

In those blue states, many rights that were commonly taken for granted, were at least temporarily abolished. The right to work in what the State deemed as “non-essential” businesses, was denied to millions who worked in restaurants, gyms, entertainment and related industries.

The right to exercise one’s religion was suspended, including the right to celebrate by singing. Most importantly, the individual’s rights to decide whether or not to self quarantine, wear a mask in public, shake hands, hug, kiss or any other expressions of friendship or affection in public, were suppressed. Many of the businesses that were closed by government fiat, will never open again and the jobs those businesses supported are gone forever. Freedom to assemble, except for the purpose of “peaceful protests” that ruined and looted many blue state cities, was denied. For the first time in history, those who were not infected with disease, were quarantined. All of this was a big boost for those who want to impose a one world, social government in this country. And many of the sheep followed.

The first key to stopping socialist progressives from implementing or peeling back what they have already imposed, is for our state governments to take back the powers usurped by the Federal government. Foremost among those rights is the “free exercise” of religion. Governors and State Legislatures need to let churches decide for themselves about what rules and regulations about masks and social distancing they will enforce. An edict from a governor, public health official or any government agency about what goes on in churches is an infringement on the free exercise of religion. The Constitutional Amendments do NOT have a section that states that Rights are suspended during a pandemic. If there was ever a time for law suits and/or civil disobedience by religious people, this is the time and place.

County Sheriff’s throughout the country have already been active in protecting the rights of their citizens. The County Sheriff is usually the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county. It is usually an elected office, which means the Sheriff answers only to the people, not to some mayor, supervisor or commission. Several sheriffs have already gone on record as refusing to enforce repressive government rules regarding Covid that conflict with their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. In an even more courageous stand, many county sheriffs have publicly stated that they will not enforce any law, Federal or State, that infringes on the Second Amendment right to bear arms. This creates “Second Amendment Sanctuary” counties.

As conservatives and patriots, we need to support such actions and let our other elected officials know that we are through with allowing them to erode our God given rights.



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  1. George Hotchkiss

    Mr. Williams, You shot in a lot of different directions in your editorial, I would like to ask a question re: “draconian recommendations of unelected, so-called health experts”. A public health emergency that has killed over 600,000 innocent people in our country requires public health measures on a temporary basis, which is exactly what happened. Exactly what power still remains now the most of the country has opened up? You wrote “All of this was a big boost for those who want to impose a one world, social government in this country”, yet you provide no logical outcome of the imposition. States, cities and counties all suffered terrible economic strife due to lost revenue, which would mean they actually have less power, governments laid off and fired workers which means they have less power. My point is if you are going to make a bold accusation, you need to follow it up with bold evidence.

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