Size and Boundary of Election Precincts Discussed at Yavapai County Board of Supervisors meeting

At the regular Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, the Yavapai County Elections Director, Laurin Custis, presented to the Board and requested approval to take action regarding the number, size, and boundaries of election precincts in Yavapai County, pursuant to A.R.S. §16-411.

Mrs. Custis said, “My recommendation would be to split precincts that are larger than 3500 active registered voters in any one political party, in a precinct, in such a way that would create the least number of ballot styles.”

Supervisor Mallory stated, “I appreciate you working with all parties, Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian.  We are a community and must work together as such.  I want to make it clear; this will not affect the number of voting centers that Yavapai County has. This is simply to manage the size of precincts, some of which are over 5000 people.”

The board voted unanimously to approve this action.


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