Prescott Talks: Brooks Compton, Candidate for Prescott Unified School District Governing Board

Buz Williams, columnist for Prescott eNews and guest host for Prescott Talks, interviews Brooks Compton, who is running for the PUSD School Board (or Governing Board). Brooks talks about his kid’s experience with lessons dealing with Critical Race Theory, social/emotional learning, girls in the boys’ bathroom, and other “woke” issues that are being taught in the Prescott Unified School system.

Brooks points out that he has the evidence of these lessons, because, even though the kids were not allowed to bring the materials home, his son took photos of the articles, the questions and the instructions. He states that there needs to be a major course correction and it is time to take adult politics out of the classroom.


3 thoughts on “Prescott Talks: Brooks Compton, Candidate for Prescott Unified School District Governing Board”

  1. What the heck is this? If this CRT and transgender indoctrination can happen in Prescott Unified, is it happening in Humboldt Unified and Chino Valley as well? Looks like we may need to clean house and throw them all out.

  2. Buz,
    You’re a journalist, right? I would have liked for you to show the school district’s side of this issue. Your view is rife with bias, and it’s disappointing. I’d like for your energy to be channeled into moving Arizona from third from last in the United States in terms of funding per pupil.

    1. –What would the district’s “side” be? The dad has photo evidence of the lessons. –There’s a difference between bias and personal experience. –As a retired teacher of 35+ years, I can assure you that per-pupil spending is an entirely separate issue from curriculum (which is what this article addressed) and should not be tossed in here as a shiny object.

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