Dewey Man in Critical Condition After Restaurant Employee Assault – Prescott Valley Police Department

A Dewey man is in critical condition after a restaurant employee assaulted him this week.

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at approximately 4:41 PM, an altercation occurred at the restaurant in the 3000 block of Glassford Hill Road, Prescott Valley. A customer complained about his food order, at which time an employee came out from behind the service counter and struck the customer in the head. The customer fell to the floor, striking his head, and lost consciousness. Officers and Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority responded to tend to the customer.

The customer, a 67-year-old Dewey resident, was airlifted to a Valley hospital where he remains in critical condition.

The employee, Antoine Kendrick, of Prescott, was arrested and booked on the charge of Aggravated Assault*.

*The person(s) involved has not yet been convicted of a crime and is/are presumed innocent. The presumption of innocence shall continue until such time that the person(s) accused may be found guilty by a court of law.


3 thoughts on “Dewey Man in Critical Condition After Restaurant Employee Assault – Prescott Valley Police Department”

  1. Let’s hope there were a few literate customers as witnesses to this altercation. Of course, no words of anger from one customer should incite assault -battery from a business employee; never.

  2. According to Fox 10 Phoenix this assault occurred at the Prescott Valley Wendy’s restaurant. Did Wendy’s check the background of this employee before they hired him? I did a quick internet search on Antoine Kendrick and, according to the website, Kendrick has been arrested numerous times in Hamilton County, TN from 2012 to 2020. What kind of background check does Wendy’s do for their potential employees who will be in contact with their customers?

    1. Perhaps Wendys had thought Mr Kendrick had been Rehabilitated. Who knows.? But to punch a elderly man in the head with a Tyson force is not excusable. in my opinion.

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