Arizona Today: Interview with Rep. Mark Finchem about the evidence found in the Audit

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Rep. Mark Finchem who talks about the evidence presented in a Senate hearing this morning regarding the audit.

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4 thoughts on “Arizona Today: Interview with Rep. Mark Finchem about the evidence found in the Audit”

  1. If we are speaking precisely, does any of this information truly qualify as “evidence,” prior to it being accepted by a judge in a court of law?

    Or is PEN merely amplifying the alleged doctor’s unsubstantiated views through the claims of a politician?

    1. 11,326 citizens did not show up on the voter rolls Nov 7th, then they showed up on Dec 5th.
      That information alone qualifies as evidence.

    2. Mariann Gonzalez

      James Dean,
      I love low-hanging fruit! Definition of evidence: the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. ex., “the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination”
      1]. All of those who had signed testimony under the penalty of perjury, and who were giving testimony at the same time Gov. Doucey flagrantly certified a questionable [at the very least] eleciton was evidence.
      2] The over 11k persons NOT registered to vote until a month after the election is evidence of voter/election fraud…they have names and dates…a ballot dated and added to the voter rolls date.
      3] There are 168k ballots that cannot be confirmed [this may be due to the decision to not knock on doors to see if actual persons named at a location voted – this was cooperation with the request of someone not wanting the audit until it would be necessary–following the total audit– since they were finding those persons did not vote, meaning someone had voted for them].
      4] Finally, those who voted, vote was counted, uh-oh, but their voter registration was removed a few days following the election [which is a crime]. Their fraud vote counted, but their registration was now removed? How many? 18k. this is the one where he said the legislature can no longer call this a certifiable election. EVIDENCE.

  2. Dear Lyle,
    It is unbelievable, what you are presenting today about the election a.o. the many “irregularities” found in the election process. I’m impressed by your guests , especially today’s Rep. Mark Finchem. I follow the developments on a day to day basis from The Netherlands. Nothing has been broadcasted here about the investigation performed in Arizona. I’m sure that the example in Arizona will be followed in other states , Georgia and Pennsylvania are already taking steps. And really it’s so urgent to take these measures and do thorough forensic investigations. . I have great respect for your representatives and senators, who are resistently trying to get to the bottom of this process and reveal the truth. I wish all the best for you and the men and women fighting for the truth. And the many volunteers who spent so much time in the investigation. From a big distance I wish you all the courage to reveal the truth.
    Johan A. Leusink, The Netherlands

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