Arizona Today – Interview with Senator Borrelli and Col. Waldron

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli and Col. Phil Waldron about the Arizona forensic audit. They discuss the latest refusal of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to turn over the routers, and other obstacles.



8 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interview with Senator Borrelli and Col. Waldron”

  1. Dear Lyle,
    Again a very interesting interview with two amazing people. I am from the Netherlands, here in the press this audit in Arizona is never mentioned. So nobody knows about the enormous problems you are countering in Arizona performing this unique audit. I saw the same struggles in Antrim and Windham, although on a smaller scale. I hope you in Arizona will find the truth and will have reliable elections in the future. In the Netherlands “electronic voting” has been used many years ago and because of lack of transparency was abandonned. Yes, manual counting takes more time, but avoids a lot of problems. At this moment 250000 ballots were investigated. My question is: how much time will it take untill all ballots are investigated?
    I hope to hear and see more interviews and wish you a lot of strenght and faith.
    Johan Leusink

  2. As with thousands…no hundreds of thousands across our country, we pray for Truth to follow your forensic audit….to stay the course…..and as citizens of Maricopa County, we will remove Katie and the Board of supervisors. The Board testified that every ballot came in with a signature envelope under proper chain of custody.
    Please stay the course AZ Senate and all representatives who stand for America’s freedom and the facts surrounding our recent election.
    We pray for you

  3. Michael N Treybig

    Thanks for the interview.
    Periodic updates with the three of you very much appreciated.
    Both guests provide information and incites not found elsewhere.
    The country is watching and praying for the good folks working Maricopa and Antrum Counties.
    May God Bless are three of you.
    Michael N Treybig
    Sugar Land, Tx

    All three of you are

  4. Keep up the good work at getting to the truth Lyle Rapaki, Sen. Borrelli and Col. Waldron.
    Although the “Drive Bye Media” is not reporting news about the public activities, they do report fake news on occasion. Both silence and false narratives are sinful representations of what should be honest and truthful reports of what is really happening. But millions of people are following AZ and hoping that the audit sets a precedent for auditing all of the swing state 2020 General Elections for truth. My own contribution to the historical tracking of the election fraud may be read at two of my shared drive sites:
    in the directory named TurnItAround and
    for older information in the directory named 2020GeneralElection

  5. Thank you for posting interview. Col. Phil Waldron mentioned a video by “Jeff Lindberg” on Antrim County with Democracy Suite. I have been unable to find that video on any site. Could you post a link? Any updates on this audit and others would be greatly appreciated!!

  6. Beverly Frazier

    Hi Lyle,
    God bless you and your guests here today for fighting for the truth about our elections. We sure need an audit in Washington state. Loren Culp should have been elected as governor.
    Please see if the audit team will audit our votes too. We have to many swamp rats in charge of our state senate.
    Thanks again for standing up for our freedoms. Bev Frazier

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