Mayor Kell Palguta to Speak at the Citizens Tax Committee Meeting

The Citizens Tax Committee (CTC)  is honored to announce that Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta will speak at their next meeting, this Wednesday, April 14th,  1 pm, at the Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center, 1280 E Rosser Road, in Prescott. The Citizens Tax Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Their meetings are free and open to the public. An RSVP is not required but a mask may be required to enter the Adult Center building.

Mayor Palguta’s talk comes against the backdrop of a number of recent accolades for Prescott’s next door neighbor. With a population of 50,000, Prescott Valley is now the population center of Yavapai County. According to US Census projections, over the next decade the county’s largest city will continue to outpace other communities in the Quad City area. By the end of the decade they are likely to have displaced Flagstaff as the largest city in Northern Arizona.

Recent national surveys have identified Prescott Valley as the 10th safest city in Arizona (Prescott has fallen to 22nd). They are among the top ten retirement destinations for those 65 and above. (Prescott has slipped to 22nd).  Population growth has brought more registered voters, and growing economic, cultural and political influence at both the county and state level.

Mayor Palguta was elected Mayor of Prescott Valley in 2018,  becoming the youngest Mayor in Yavapai County. Before turning to political work, he was an award-winning Police Officer in Prescott Valley. He is the recipient of the Police Medal of Valor and has been named Officer of the Year. In his talk to CTC,  Mayor Palguta will discuss how Prescott Valley’s business friendly and “smart growth” policies have made them one of the most successful small cities in the nation.  Are there lessons for Prescott and other smaller cities in the Quad City area?

The Citizens Tax Committee is one of  Prescott’s oldest and most venerable civic organizations.  Since its founding in 1977, it has served as a taxpayer advocate, promoted fiscal accountability in local government, and has been a focal point for opposition to wasteful government spending and excessive debt. Over the years a number of local political and civic leaders have been associated with the organization.

Although CTC does not endorse candidates or play a direct role in partisan elections, they have weighed in on local tax and spending issues with high profile voter education programs on ballot initiatives such as school bonds, budget overrides, and funding levels for the Arizona Public Safety Personal Retirement System. In recent months CTC has helped raise public awareness about the costs and environmental impacts of the proposed new jail in Prescott and the Verde Connect Project. They are now investigating recently announced plans by the City of Prescott to move City Hall and construct a swimming pool with the financial windfall  from expected COVID-19 monies.

The Citizens Tax Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 1 pm at the Adult Center, 1280 E Rosser Street, Prescott, Arizona.  Members of the public interested in fiscal accountability and learning about Prescott Valley’s success story from Mayor Palguta are cordially invited to attend.

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