Arizona Today with Col. Phillip Waldron – Part 2

In Part 2, Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Col. Phillip Waldron about the Arizona forensic audit, the hard copy ballots, and Jovan Pulitzer’s involvement.

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8 thoughts on “Arizona Today with Col. Phillip Waldron – Part 2”

  1. My wife came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s us, the real americans, volunteer some money to finish the building of the wall. What ever it takes. It can be private donors. The states trump Pres. Biden, ordering the wall to be haulted. Any way, we are so thrilled to see the forensic audit take place. This is the only way we will save America, plus, God will not support a country that allows the killing of innocent babies, even past delivery. We must stop abortion, or our country is doomed! The majority, if they support this, we will have our country given to another people! Thank you for all you are doing. I just figured out how to send comments. Lyle Rapacki, you’re a great patriot, as are many others. Go Jovan Hutton Pulitizer! God bless America. Stop the steal of our country! God Bless the U.S.A.

  2. I hope Phil would write a book explaining all the corruption in government so people could see what is happening.Hope big money is brainwashing people to think like they want you to.Have politicians become rich for their vote for certain bills to be passed to make them rich and powerful.This has to be clean up before the country is totally lost.

  3. Please tell me how to donate toward Arizona’s upcoming forensic audit. I really admire the bravery and desire to do the right thing of Arizona’s citizens. It is a vital role model for We The People of America.

    1. Ruth, you can write to Dr. Lyle Rapacki at Prescott eNews, P.O. Box 2825, Prescott, AZ, 86302. He can help.

  4. Thank you Mr.. Waldron. I pray for your safety, Please be careful. There are those who want you silent and gone. Thank you Mr. Rapacki for your vision and courage.
    Prior to the first election of Barack Obama, a very famous psychic stated in one of her books that the 2020-21 period would reveal the greatest scandal in American History.. She also predicted an awakening. She also predicted that we would have a president married to a foreign woman.
    She predicted a woman president who would come much later than Obama who would not serve a full term. Joe Biden has no idea of the disgrace that will follow him and the woman who follows him. The results of the audit you are going to reveal will create hatred and denial but it will also create acceptance to follow. God bless those who accept the reality of human frailty with forgiveness.

  5. I’m worried as all this time has passed the crooked Dems are destroying evidence. I fear they have removed bad ballots destroyed ballots ,cleaned the machines and have covered up much of the evidence. There is no way they are not trying to cover up their crimes. And if some evidence shows they did just that then who will be held Accountable? I’m sure they have a sacrificial lamb.

  6. This political strife we are encountering now is so much like what happened in Germany as the Nazis took control. America was there to greet Hitler at the gate. Russia couldn’t really deal with Germany, but after that waste of lives, America saved us all from their push. Who will save America WHEN America falls to communism. Oh, a 1000 years of darkness (or more) can befall us. Think about it all democrats who read and think. Be careful what you wish for. History repeats itself, yes? Imagine how dark the earth can become if 1000 year cycles begin, as technology becomes the historical interfencer.

  7. With the audit the Senate is doing of the election votes, are they also going to inspect the paper, ink and folds likke Jovan Hutton Pulitizer would do? Is that part of the audit going to be done or is it just the machines and scanning ballots? How can I find the answer to these questions?

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