Update on Maricopa County Voting Machine Audit

Lyle Rapacki interviews Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli about what has been happening between the Arizona Senate and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors over the audit of the voting machines and ballots.


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  1. Robert L. Oaks , Jr.

    Thank you from Kentucky for all you are doing. All of the country appreciates it. We will continue to watch the progress you are doing for this country.

  2. Thank you so much for covering and giving updates. Regardless of the results of the investigation I am so thankful to see some transparency and rigorous inspection of the voting system. Thank you!

  3. Dr. Rapacki,
    Your reports on the Maricopa County possible voter irregularities are of utmost interest to everyone in the nation.
    We listen with interest and hope that the truth will come out and other states will have courage to investigate their election results.
    Phyllis Stark Ph.D.

    1. PLEASE contact key investigators like Mike Lindell, Bobby Piton, Patrick Bryne : they all have clear, specific coordinates information regrading the China, Iran interference.
      The have cybersecurity agents that have already opened the codes apparently.

      PLEASE get them involved !!! God Bless and thanks
      Christina DeRosa PhD

  4. Dear Dr Rapacki,
    From The Netherlands I follow the developments in the USA with special interest. President Trump is seen here with great disrespect, because during the last 4 years only the comments on CNN are being reported here. I agree with most conservative views of the Republican Party. I sincerely hope your work in Arizona will have results and that -if present- election fraud can be shown. I wonder: does -again if present- election fraud has any influence on the position of the president and members of congress? Do you think that in other “swing”states your initiatives are followed in a short time.
    I wish you all the best and blessings,
    Johan Leusink, M.D., Ph.D The Netherlands.

    1. Send a check made out to Lyle Rapacki to:

      Prescott E-News
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      Prescott, AZ 86302
      $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

  5. Here it is – without previous error!

    Sonny and all Trumpers – keep up the good work and keep pushing for the truth!

  6. Michael OCallaghan

    As a 35 year forensic investigator here are a couple of my thoughts.
    looking at the voting machines alone is not gonna do you much good unless you first audit the incoming actual vote in mail envelopes and the actual incoming absentee ballots. After authenticating and certifying Per Arizona law, the mail in it is to be added to the walk in voting counts. Then Authenticate them against the claimed County certified vote count. After this process you need to look at all ballots that were adjudicated. Some states did not have any observation on the adjudication process by election watchers and the ballots that were adjudicated were thrown away leaving no audible trail. The auditors need to look at the percent of Adjudication for this voting process and compare it to not only past voting periods but Also the other Arizona counties as some states had much higher percent of adjudicated ballots than is historically happened in the past. After this process you need to audit the actual original of the mail in and absentee ballots to verify their authenticity, i.e. folding, duplicating, paper type, voting for one candidate only with none of the down ballot voting completed, duplicates, dead voters, Ect. Remember the voting machines can be adjusted to kick out a higher rate of ballots for adjudication and of course they can also be readjusted after the fact and you’ll never pick that adjustable settings up on your audit. What potentially has happened, as I’m sure you’re aware, The machines may have been adjusted to give a higher rate of votes to one candidate versus the other and then ballots would’ve been brought in after the fact to supplement the vote count to make sure it compared properly. And of course those additional ballots would’ve potentially been produced on a copy machine of some sort and can easily be discovered through an actual forensic scan of the original ballot. If you don’t look at these aforementioned processes first I fear you’re just wasting your time because you will come up with many possibilities that the voting machines could’ve been adjusted in favor of one Candidate versus the other but the actual tangible irregularities will only completely show up in the original mail in ballot envelopes and the actual physical ballot itself.
    Hopefully you have not given up the ability to look at the envelopes and the ballots in your negotiations with the county board of supervisors. Speaking of those negotiations it has been my experience that where ever the opposing side is pushing back on the hardest is probably the areas where they’re trying to hide information. Just saying!
    Thank you in advance for all the hard work and trying to protect our countries voting process. I can only imagine why the other states are not initiating this process on their own.

    1. Keith L Hatfield

      I would like to know how the vote counts (the actual hypothetical administrative mechanism in the Dominion software) for a particular candidate could be artificially boosted without changing the audit trial of administrative actions. This ability being necessary to allow subsequent duplicate ballots to fudge the paper backup.

      Whether or not the original ballot that was duplicated was forensically available has no bearing on ones ability to detect 30k identical paper copies as copies. Also, these hypothetical duplicates would have to be fed into the system at irregular intervals, batch sizes, and processing locations to avoid detection by processing time stamps in the backup image metadata.

      It is now apparent to me that no investigation of voter fraud will be able to eliminate the myriad of fraudulent hypotheticals that can be conceived by the human mind. The multiple GA audits and recounts did have one salutary affect on former President Trump, he was forced to rely on illegal threats of criminal prosecution to overcome fact based refutation of his stupid claims about underage, ex-resident, and dead voters effecting the election outcome.

    2. I like your post but how do we verify that all that has been done . What about checking ballots for NO signature or checking to ver the person is a resident or is still alive , what about duplicate ballots will checking the machines show these things?

  7. Thank you Prescott News for great reporting!

    Thank you Senator Borrelli and all other freedom loving members of AZ legislature who are working to make this 2020 election audit a reality!

    Wife and I moved to AZ from CA. Loved it when we registered to vote – had to have proof of citizenship and two IDs!

  8. Hello Dr. Rapacki,
    Thank you for performing this important work.
    I’ve been following your videos and just watched the interview with Senator Borrelli. Thank God, the marines are on the wall. Stay on this and don’t give in to pressure. Our Nation has been deeply wounded by evil actors who are suppressing the evidence. The work of the Arizona Senate is crucial. Tens of millions of American patriots are praying for all of you patriots in Arizona.
    Bill G Avery, Yorba Linda, Ca

  9. Thank you from Florida for what you are doing. We are all watching. We must have voter integrity to remain a Free Nation.
    Thank you all for standing up for USA
    Janet Greene

  10. Thank you from Indiana for your speaking of the truth and reporting on the progress on your state legislature’s demand for an audit of your 2020 election. All of America will be watching.

  11. Great work! Waiting for the results of the audit! I pay that all the fraud is revealed and justice served!

  12. Dr. Repack,
    Thank you for what you are doing. I would love to hear an interview with Sen. Fannie on this issue. I pray that what we have been pretty sure of since Nov 4, can be proved, and the investigation expanded within Arizona and the other states that suspect their results.
    Now, I just recently found you on YouTube and have subscribed to Prescott e news. Perhaps you can tell those of us new to your programming, a little about yourself.

  13. Thank you for your efforts and hard work. Please keep trying to do a complete forensic audit of the ballots and voting machines. Many Americans around the country (and the world) are interested in the audit in Arizona. The state legislators and government officials need to work to get this audit done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Please do not waste any time. I wish some other states would do a thorough audit, too. May God bless you and your work.

  14. Representative Rapacki, my fear is that you are being played. I live in Georgia. We had massive overwhelming evidence of fraud in Fulton County. Secretary of State Raffensperger did sham audits and recounts in that simply re-reported the initial results.
    So much time has passed, there has been plenty of time to “fix” irregularities. If they already broke the law, as it appears they did, the fact that tampering is illegal is not a deterrent. Has there been a chain of custody on the evidence? Has Dominion had access to the machines to “clean” the evidence? Why are they not doing a full forensic audit on the physical ballots? Ballot “images” can be manipulated. And ballot images won’t tell you what kind of paper was used, and whether the ballot was folded. How can you know that the companies that do the audit are not part of the problem.

    1. James,

      For your benefit .. ..

      Crucially, Image files of processed ballots DO IN FACT detect original media characteristics.

      Image files, for decades, have been electronically processed to detect everything from borders, colors, marks, text widths, handwriting, and literally thousands of original media characteristics for data extraction, fraud detection, etc.

      The recently “classic” image processing that shows “no folds” on an original media like a paper ballot submission is preserved and FULLY DETECTABLE on the stored image file of the ballot.

      Image File > Detection-of-Folds algorithm > FLAG Image File IF FOLDS = NULL

      This is why the FACT WITNESS in GA told the State Senate Sub Committee that he needed only 2 hours to detect the % of unfolded ballots within a data set of 400,000 individual images taken of this set of processed and tallied ballots.

      GA officials have allegedly both shredded most of the paper ballots and have likely electronically deleted image files of these ballots. The Election Officials in GA are Dumb/Dumb.

      You can be sure now, that these election fraudsters will conspire to insert “mail in folds” on these ballot images for the next election – if we don’t catch and prosecute them now.

      1. Same thoughts here too much time has passed its almost certain that the machines have been cleaned. Also read month ago that 65 usb drives were missing ,do you know anything about this ? There was so much cheating going on in many states .still have heard anything about the trailer full of ballots that went missing , was the trailer ever found ? So much cheating and so many questions.

    2. Michael, thank you for providing valuable input from your many years of experience. As much as some of us want them to hire a company that will perform the forensic audit with integrity and transparency, why would they? If I were them and did not want the TRUTH to be revealed, I would just hire a company that would give me the outcome that I wanted and continue to play this political game of smoke and mirrors;
      Even if doing that shows that I am suspect with how I handled it, it still gives me the upper hand and the lie can still go on.
      But with how you laid out your plan of attack, if a company wanted to not find fraud, they could skip some of the procedures you mentioned and that will assist with finding very minimal evidence.
      Thanks for listening!

      1. For the upcoming audit in AZ, it is absolutely imperative that Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and Col. Phil Waldron be involved. There should be no reason why Messrs Pulitzer and Waldron could not work with or separately from other auditors who AZ might decide to hire.

  15. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts!
    Someone is actually doing something & making headway!!!
    Please let All of Us know if there is anything We can do??
    We need to Keep America Great!
    Laurie & family

  16. patrick flaherty

    Dr. Rapacki,
    I have been following your reporting on the Maricopa County election audit, and would like to express my appreciation for your efforts in bringing transparency to the 2020 election results in that county, and hopefully throughout the State of Arizona. Do you know if Jovan Pulitzer has been considered to participate in the audit? Thanks again for your efforts.

  17. Finally some one has the guts to dig into the largest scandal in American history. I am a process engineer, quality assurance manager for HP and certified ISO 9000 quality auditor and what I saw on Nov 4 in streaming data from Wisconsin and Michigan told me this was an uncertifiable election process. As I dug into the issues I found 14 major issues that would also make all of the 7 states election process uncertifiable probably requiring a redo with secure rules. As HP’s quality rep for our KEMA registrar, I had to be totally transparent in hosting them during their audit to continue our ISO 9000 certification. Any resistance would have been met by a departure from the facility and our certification rescinded. The election supervisors resistance to transparency contradicted by the preponderance of sworn affidavits supported by forensic analysis of common observations points heavily to fraud. Prosecutions are absolutely necessary to stop the fraud and should flip some people to reveal the full extent of the collusion behind this travesty. Thank you and Senator Borelli for your work no matter who won just as long as it is accurate if that is even possible in this hot mess.

  18. Dr Rapacki,

    Please pass on our great big THANKS to Senator Borrelli.

    The Senator has our trust and confidence to execute the PROJECT AZ ELECTION INTEGRITY & FAIRNESS.

    We applaud this MARINE as he defeats the CHAOS of UNCERTAINTY that surrounds our State and National Voting Processes – by way of his political and military training – and through the Devine forces that form the motto for his great state: DITAT DEUS.

    We in TEXAS think Senator Borrelli is a Great American. He is stepping up once again to protect all of the American people. Unstoppable. Relentless. He reminds us of JOHN BASILONE.

    Please council the entire AZ State Senate to outline, assemble, pre-review and design the BEST AUDIT process with the appropriate number of General Contractors (audit & technical) and Sub Contractors (audit & technical).

    It will be almost impossible, of course, to revise the Audit Contractors and Audit Plan once the Audit has begun. Bottomline = be very careful to create a | detailed | comprehensive | sophisticated | integreous | future proof | Audit Plan. Caution: DON’T RUSH IT Senator Borrelli.

    The Election is over so the Senate can afford to take the reasonable measure of time it needs.

    Image Processing | Network Security | Document Chain-of-Custody | Statistical Inference | Data Processing | Data Storage | User Logs | Data Transmission Logs | – all need to be part of the Audit Plan.

    Good Luck.

    We are praying our Rosaries to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.

  19. Thank You Senator Borrelli for pursuing this Audit of Election machines and materials. Also thanks to all the other Election Legislators for listening to all the Arizona voices of concern!
    I watched the hearings held here 4 or more weeks ago and there is no way you can claim no fraud.
    I did meet you in Tucson at the annual League of Cities and Towns when i was a City Councilman for Benson, Arizona.
    Again – Thank You Thank You Thank You! A True Patriot of our Constitution!

  20. Senator Borrelli –
    I just read about how the Maricopa Board of Supervisors now want to dictate what you can and can not see concerning voting machines and material irregularities. This is another run around keeping the facts from coming out. Personally i think it is time to have some arrested for obstruction to make clear who has full authority over elections. Please consider letting them know how serious you are about this!

  21. Thank you Senator Borrelli and Dr. Rapacki for keeping Arizona informed and pushing forward on election integrity. I want to provide two links for your review.

  22. Thank you so much from Missouri for seeing this to end for our country. Keep pushing to make bring these issues into the light so everyone can see one way or another that our vote integrity is intact!

  23. As a Canadian I am following this audit with great interest. I believe the free world as we know it is at stake. A strong united America is needed to defend democracy around the globe. Fairness is so much of our culture and if it has been undermined then it must be dealt with. God Bless America.

  24. You say you will select 2 teams of auditors…but the ONLY way this will EVER be believable for MAGA voters if, in addition to your chosen teams of ‘auditors’…Jovan Pulitzer is allowed to analyze the ORIGINAL paper…NOT COPIES…there is NOBODY In the entire world with his credentials…he says he can give complete analysis of the paper in 2-4 hours time…where were the ballots printed, how many are marked by machine, how and when and how many times folded…etc etc…if you do NOT use this man, and also the Lt. Colonel who made the brilliant presentations to legislatures…you will be accused of just another ‘cover up’ audit…just like the phony audits in Georgia…

    These 2 highly respected experts MUST be permitted to oversee and PARTICIPATE in the audit if you seriously expect results to be accepted…

  25. Thank You so much from the state of Florida for seeing this to end for our country. Keep pushing to make bring these issues into the light so everyone can see one way or another that our vote integrity is intact! I Hope all 15 other states follow your lead.

  26. As a Minnesotan and Adopted North Dakotan living in Connecticut I can without a doubt say these states are watching. As a USN Seabee Veteran who loves this country and President Trump for all the hard work he has done for the American People. I look forward to seeing the AUDIT that no one seems to want why? The push back for a audit and the threats of treasonous behavior if we ask for one are just way over the TOP. Which leads me and millions more to believe that this is a very large operation. I believe it has been going on for some time going back to the midterms 2018 and before.
    WOW BREAKING NEWS!!! AMAZON doesn’t want to use mail in ballots for UNION VOTE they CANNOT BE TRUSTED…..YET the Presidential Election mail in was just fine…This is a prime example of why no one is trusting what they are being told. Thank you, Senator Borrelli and Dr. Rapacki I am looking forward to the AUDIT….

  27. I’m thinking in the future to run for county commissioner, your cost to run for local office will be in the millions. Politics is a blood sport. The idea of getting together and debating what is best for OUR COUNTRY and PEOPLE has long since passed. The day a person is elected they start running for the next election. Money is what they all need and powerful people and company’s have money. We the people are the useful Idiots, divide and conquer, we are the government and we are hear to help you, sound familiar. To the point, why do lies and concealment exist? Because I don’t want you to see or know what I did. Now is the time to fix the problem and if not, the USA will become something that the people who built and died for Her would never believe. Remember all the powerful nations and empires of the past? Where are they now?

  28. Darrell Hatfield

    You’re fighting against voter fraud and election integrity but you are ignoring the censorship issue staring you in the face..
    I noticed links to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on your website. (upper right hand area) Those are the exact social media that are participating in censorship and tried/ succeeded in interfering with the election leading to a Presidential loss.. Join Telegram and Gab and put links on the upper right of your webpage along with the rest of the social media censors that you already have. Think about it. The existing ones you promote will help promote your censorship. Hopefully Parler will get up and running too. A new Patriot Part, new social media sites, new TV channels, and websites would be nirvana!

  29. why not have those responsible for custody of all the proposed ballots, documents, machines etc provide sworn statement to the same.

    1. Al from Chandler AZ

      I applaud this effort very much. Lots of time has passed since Nov. 3rd. What has happened the the machines since then, have they been locked up, or have they been cleaned.
      The only real way to fine out is to visually one by one check EACH ballot that was cast for all
      persons running for office in this state.

  30. Please let the Senator know not to Use Pro V&V from Huntsville AL. They have close relationship with Dominion Voting system. They have for many years. They always give a good audit and reviews. Let them do an observation but not the audit. Please vet them and you will understand. There is only a couple of companies that review voting system companies. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. As they say.
    Thanks you for all you are doing Lyle.
    I live i. Tennessee there is alot of us following you here. A full review will show fraud. Random samples never show any.
    They have to push for a full audit everything.
    Thanks again.

  31. Hi Lyle, thanks for everything you are doing related to the election fraud. My name is Rusty Dils. I formerly lived in Arizona, and now reside in the crooked state of New Mexico. I have about 250 plus hours in so far studying the massive election fraud from all angles. I watched you most recent podcast with GOP member Borelli (sorry if I misspelled his name), and as much as I was encouraged by the news, I am also very troubled by some things that were not covered, and things I have heard on other broadcast. A. A true audit NEVER lets the people being investigated set the terms of the Audit, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. You guys only have ONE shot at this. If you have to go back 5 times, the public WILL NOT BELIEVE you, not matter what the results. So, you have to audit the orginal ballots, NOT COPIES only. Next, Jovan Purlitzer has to be involved in auditing the original ballots. If you do not include the two items i mentioned above, then you FAILED, you FAILED, you FAILED, and we lot the future. Please pass this on tho Senator Berelli, with my apologies for misspelling his name. Please, Please, Please bring these two items up with him on your guys next pod cast. Please

  32. Thank you and God Bless you for investigating this!! Watch your back and do not let any democrats pressure or threatening you for doing it! Please contact other swing state legislators and encourage them to do the same. We the people need to know!

  33. Please watch the YouTube video below with Republican activist, Liz Harris. She is asking that everyone throughout the country call the Senators listed below. Insist that a “deep dive thorough audit” be done. The scope of the audit is not being set up to find fraud, not being done by independent auditors but the same ones that blessed the Dominion machines. Insist that Jovan Pulitzer and Colonel Phil Waldron be part of the audit team. Jovan Pulitzer is a pattern recognition specialist who would audit the ballots. Colonel Phil Waldren is a former U.S. Army cybersecurity expert and a witness to election fraud. He would audit the Dominion machines. This is not just Arizona’s fight but a fight for the whole country.
    “Az Election Audit Update with Steve Bannon & Liz Harris. We Need Your Help – Call AZ Legislators.”
    Jan 24, 2021
    Sen Karen Fann – 602-926-5874
    Sen Warren Peterson – 602-926-4136
    Sen Michelle Ugenti-Rita – 602-926-4480
    Thank you and God bless us all!

  34. Thank you for checking. My passion for the past 30 years is fighting voter apathy. I really feel if all Americans voted that could vote, the system would of crashed. We need to fix this. It’s embarrassing that we can’t count! There should be no mistakes! Thank you again. Doris

  35. We want the paper ballots counted so that we can see the folds, feel the paper and smell the ink. We want to see the machines and find out why they allowed decimals. See if they connect to the internet thru the wall thermometer. Find the source for vote flips on TV counts, Determine how votes could flip. We want to check the machine history’s and THUMB Drives for errors. We want to check signatures, addresses (Po Box, government blds, vacant lots, etc). We want to take out the dead, illegal aliens, duplicate state voters. We want you to answer questions on TV from voters and we want to see 100% of the report and allow multiple audit teams. All alligations need to be answered on TV. NOTHING LESS.

  36. Hello,

    I wanted to bring to your attention this 90-minute documentary by Epoch Times regarding Election issues. In this presentation, they reveal an assortment of anomalies were observed, followed by a large number of specific allegations of election fraud and Arizona is included in this report. It is not only the voting machine issue, but dead voter and fraudulent addresses. And the total of this initial tally would have made a difference in who won on Nov 3rd.

    2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? (theepochtimes.com)

    Now I have a few questions to forward to Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli.

    Are you looking at other races besides the Presidential election?
    If President Trump actually won Arizona, what are the means of officially switching the electoral college ballots?

    How far down the ballot will this investigation go?

    My concern is Martha McSally actually won her Senate bid. If it determined McSally actually won her race for Senate, what are the legal steps in removing the Democrat candidate and placing Martha in her rightful seat?

    A playbook on the authority of State Legislatures in regards to election law needs to be created.. We need to return the certification of every election back to their rightful place… the State legislatures. Procedures need to be detailed on how to submit subpoenas effectively and then expedited efficiently. Maybe the playbook can be done in conjunction with the Federalist Society in producing and educating every State House member and Senator across the nation.

    Thank you all for your hard work in this endeavor.

    Highest regard,
    Richard Chapman

  37. Thank you Senator Borrelli for your leadership in pursuing the truth by insisting on a full Forensic study of the 2020 election results in Maricopa county. If substantial fraud is found you and your team may go down in history for taking the first steps in saving our exceptional country.

    Take the time to recruit the best people to get the job done. if there is fraud, the ballots themselves may tell most of the story, counterfeit ballots, non-citizens, non-residents, unregistered voters, dead people, false voter addresses.

    Rand Paul this weekend was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and pledged to work with the state legislatures to identify and correct problems in the voting system. In the future senator Paul maybe a helpful contact at the federal level.

    Thank you again for your dedication to the search for the truth. A big shout out to Lyle Rapacki for his effort and keeping us informed!
    Larry ( Minnesota Resident)

  38. Praise God for your courage,
    I’m a former elected small town official from Michigan. I’ve tried on four occasions to motivate our lukewarm Rep reps to at least have experts look into the Wayne co. Mi. issues. They are so like what I’ve observed in Fulton co. Ga. and in what I know of AZ issues. One brave attorney in Mi has provided preliminary audit that shows Dominion software is easily manipulated.
    I went to the Wayne county election results pages and went through them on three occasions.
    The first 2 times in Dec 2020. There were approximately thirty pages of mail in ballot precinct totals that were that were tallied without attached registered voters. In raw form these were to me obviously invalid as they had no registered voters listed in the column.
    In mid Jan 2021 I again checked the numbers and the precincts that were listed previously were no longer separated and had been added into the cumulative precinct totals. The registered totals that were zero are now roughly equal to the votes cast. This is obvious tampering.
    Thanks for all you’re doing on our US account. Perhaps the less brave will gain some courage to follow your example. Maybe even in Michigan.
    Craig CR, Sturgis Michigan

  39. Dear fellow Patriots in Maricopa County, praying for your strength and protection against the enemies of our freedom and evil persons behind this massive fraud! The money pouring in from the extreme left must feel overwhelming – but with God on your side, our side, who can defeat us? Please keep fighting for ALL of us! – James Shaw, North Carolina

  40. Anthony J Anderson

    Any “Audit” that fails to include KINEMATIC ARTIFACT DETECTION of actual ballots is Invalad and will result in severe backlash!
    Also, if an audit has Dominion Voting Systems personnel doing and hands on it is superficial!

  41. Thank you for reporting on and championing our concerns with voter integrity. I believe there was mass voter fraud and hope it is all exposed. If a true forensic audit happens I for one am willing to accept the results. Thanks again and keep up the good fight!
    Jason (PA victim of voter irregularities)

  42. Dr. Rapacki & Senator Borrelli,

    I’ve communicated with your team earlier this month.

    As a litigation attorney practicing for nearly 45 years, I’ve been closely monitoring the Arizona Senate’s efforts to conduct a full, forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County. I firmly believe that the 2020 election was stolen, by deliberate & calculated efforts of others within the Democrat Party, organized as a criminal, multi-state conspiracy to fraudulently influence the election outcomes in numerous swing states, including Arizona.

    I’m totally shocked at the absolute contempt demonstrated by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, refusing to cooperate with the Arizona Senate’s request for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. Their refusal to cooperate with numerous, reasonable requests, together with several subpoenas, is unlawful and must not be tolerated.

    We simply cannot condone any further delays, and any further efforts by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to avoid & subvert their fiduciary responsibilities should be immediately met with criminal contempt proceedings.

    In particular, I definitely harbor concerns as to whether the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors can be trusted to conduct an objective & thorough audit of their own 2020 election records. The forensic audit should be conducted by an independent forensics team of choosing by the Arizona state legislature. Engage your own, independent forensic auditors, such as Russell Ramsland Jr. and Colonel Phil Waldron of Allied Security Operations Group. They are professionals who will cut to the heart of the issue!

    Please bring an IMMEDIATE end to this injustice. Enforce your subpoenas, including criminal sanctions for their arrogant & belligerent disregard of the Arizona state legislatures plenary authority to manage & monitor state & federal elections!

    Thank you!

    John A. Rissman

  43. Please everyone call to support their effort – all republicans:
    Sen Karen Fann – 602-926-5874
    Sen Warren Peterson – 602-926-4136
    Sen Michelle Ugenti-Rita – 602-926-4480
    My message was:
    I’m calling to support the forensic audit of the 2020 election. A thorough audit must be done and should be conducted by an independent forensics team and should include Colonel Phil Waldron and Jovan Pulitzer. This is not just for Arizona but for the good of our country. Someone has to have the courage to expose the fraud. Other states will follow if Arizona succeeds.

  44. I am a legal citizen of the United States of America.
    A California resident for 62 years.
    Your commitment to election integrity is essential to us all.
    United we stand divided we fall.
    Please publish ways that concerned citizens can help.
    I am retired. I gave as much money toward pro American candidates as I could.
    I am willing to accept that many law biding Americans disagree with my choices.
    But I will can never accept a contest that has not been played by the rules.
    I know I speak with many law biding Americans when I say WE WILL HELP in anyway
    available to us.
    Thank you for your service.
    Patrick Hanks

  45. The efforts to cover up the illegal activities in the Maricopa County elections are adequate evidence that unethical and illegal decisions and actions were taken by those in charge. It’s time to stop the delays and prove there was no fraud!

  46. Dr. Rapacki & Senator Borrelli, I don’t think it takes a genius to understand what is going on here. This audit is a direct reflection on the board of supervisors and they OBVIOUSLY know there is fraud or they would not be putting up such a fight. DO NOT allow the wolf to guard the sheep! A thorough audit must be done and should be conducted by an independent forensic team INCLUDING Colonel Phil Waldron and Jovan Pulitzer. If this truly was “the most secure election in history” then what is the hold up?? Enforce the subpoenas please, the whole country is watching this play out!

  47. The uncooperative Board of Supervisors have a choice to make; 1) to be cooperative or 2) continue to support the coverup. I would like to ask each uncooperative Board of Supervisors, if any financial or political gain expected by uncooperative Board members, is worth the potential and probable loss of freedom? It is difficult to imagine any valid, healthy or productive reason for the stonewalling. The Truth will come out and there is little time left, to make the best choice for their futures. God bless the Patriots of Arizona as we continue to watch the Truth to be revealed!

  48. Cornelius O'Connor

    It’s 6:30am Friday 1-29-21 in Marietta, Ga. and I’m excited to find out that that Arizona is spending their time, energy and capitol to seek the truth and to find the answers about how the Dominion voting machines could or were being manipulated to create critical and game changing voting irregularities during our 2020 elections. I’m both astounded and puzzled WHY I haven’t heard or
    seen Arizona’s efforts and their story on the evening national news. PLEASE… keep the faith and
    stay the course. Your story needs to see daylight throughout America. The final answers need to be
    found, good or bad, so Americans can sleep at night and have faith in all our governments.

  49. The county’s audit will not study November 2020 ballots, which it says state law requires to be locked up for a certain period after the election. Therefore, another hand count of those ballots will not be performed.
    The audit will, according to the county:

    Analyze the county’s voting system’s hacking vulnerability.
    Verify that no malicious malware was installed.
    Test that tabulators were not sending or receiving information over the internet.
    Confirm that no vote switching occurred.
    Verify state and county procurement regulations were followed when leasing the equipment from Dominion Voting Systems.

  50. From California, Thank YOU for being our voice and please give us an address where we can contribute funds to your cause. I’ve searched and listened and not sure where to send $20 instead of the $12.95 for just the book. Maybe I missed it.
    THANK YOU for your due diligence! Someone has to be our voice and praying for you to succeed in uncovering all the fraud, no matter where it lies. God be with you! M&S

    1. Prescott eNews
      P.O. Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ  86302

      If you are writing a check, please make the check out to Lyle Rapacki.

  51. This is where the rubber meets the road, guess we are going to see who is REALLY in charge. Yesterday the Supervisors refused the Senate request again, so now we are all waiting to see what the Senate does next. I myself am worried nothing will happen witch has been the case so far across the country. The DEEP state does exist and I believe that’s who is running the show.

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