Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Camp Teaches Outdoor Skills for Adults

During the pandemic, we Arizonans are finding solace and physical health outdoors which encourages us to try new experiences. But how can you learn new skills if you’re too old for summer camp? Where does a girl learn to hunt and fish, shoot a bow or scale down a cliff? All this and more is offered at the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) camp. As our repeat participants say, “It’s like scout camp for grownups!”

BOW provides a safe space for adults to learn outdoor skills starting from the absolute beginner stage. Instructors provide lots of support and the three-hour long classes offer plenty of time to ask questions and try out what you learn. No prior experience is needed and all the equipment and materials are provided. Lodging and meals are also included along with fun evening activities. BOW is inclusive of all abilities and genders, participants just need to be 18 and older.

This September, BOW is further upholding its mission of safe and fun learning outdoors by stepping it up to use COVID-safe practices. Masks are required, and class sizes are small. We have less participants per cabin and more room to spread out for meals. The large group size has been reduced to meet state guidelines which means this popular program will sell out fast!

Arizona Becoming an Outdoors-Woman camp is offered twice per year in Prescott and once per year at Saguaro Lake just north of Phoenix.

Space is limited. For more information and to register, visit

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