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May 29, 2024 7:47 PM

Climate Watch: Show Me the Data – Jane Orient

Are you worried about climate change? How can you tell how we are doing?

It would be logical to follow the temperature data, but what if the “data” is fake?

As the graph shows, an increasing percentage of official temperature “data” comes from a computer model, not from thermometers. The percentage rises from around 10 percent before 1980 to more than 60 percent in 2024.

Many temperature monitoring stations are being closed, but fabricated data continues to be reported. For the more than 50 percent of stations that do not actually report a number each month, one is generated from a computer model.

Tony Heller describes how cooling since the 1930s based on raw temperature data has been transformed into warming by “adjusting” the data so that early years appear cooler and later ones warmer—just enough to match the rising trend in atmospheric carbon dioxide—“the ultimate in confirmation bias junk science.”

Many scientific papers are based on this false data—and so are policies that assure energy starvation, rising prices, and impoverishment by cutting the fuels that power 80 percent of the world’s economy.

Recall that draconian lockdowns and other COVID-19 policies were fueled by computer models and by scary daily counts of “cases” and deaths that could not possibly have been verified.

Can there be “evidence-based medicine” or “evidence-based policy” if the evidence is falsified, tainted, or biased to produce a desired outcome?

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One Response

  1. I have been following the UN Marxist inspired report on global warming for the past 30 years. The formula for increasing the falsification of CO2 , man caused warming is similar to the proponents for the need of 100% vaccinations for covid 19. The many research programs of universities and research facilities live on the grants and funding from government and government dependent organizations.
    Knowing the “interests” of those providing the grants provides the path the recipients prostitute themselves to receive more and more grants.
    The evil forces that continue to work to destroy the more productive-wealthy western culture are at the base of the false issue of a warming planet.

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