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Breathe Deeply: 10 Fragrant Roses That Will Fill Your Garden – Ken Lain

Roses are synonymous with beauty, romance, and their captivating scent. Choosing the most fragrant roses can be overwhelming, with hundreds to choose from at the garden center this spring. Fear not, rose enthusiasts! This guide unveils 10 exceptional blooms guaranteed to tantalize your nose and transform your garden into a fragrant oasis.

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Anna’s Promise: praises the true heart and steadfast love that transcends the trials and tribulations endured by Downton Abbey’s character, Anna Bates. The unique color combination of golden petals with a pink blush and glowing bronze reverse is a fitting representation of Anna’s character. Grandiflora blossoms surrounded by glossy, green foliage exude a spicy fruit fragrance.

Blue Girl: The color of this Hybrid Tea will attract attention in the garden or a vase. Shooting up on long stems, she produces fully double, classic-shaped, fragrant flowers with 35 to 40 petals—all in a rare shade of lavender blue.

Burgundy Iceberg: Where Elegance Meets Fragrance. Imagine a cascading waterfall of deep burgundy blooms, each petal elegantly cupped, radiating this calm, sophisticated beauty. Now, close your eyes and breathe in. A refreshing, fruity fragrance unfolds, a delightful blend of sweet berries and hints of citrus, like a summer breeze whispering through a vineyard. Iceberg is an easy-to-grow choice, allowing you to focus on simply enjoying its mesmerizing beauty and captivating scent.

Chicago Peace: This Hybrid Tea rose offers a delicate, fruity fragrance with a hint of spice. Its large, pink, and yellow blooms create a striking visual display while filling the air with a lovely scent.

Double Delight: This Grandiflora rose lives up to its name with stunning bi-colored blooms – velvety red and cream. But the true Delight lies in its strong, sweet fragrance, which I would describe as fruity and spicy with hints of clove. Double Delight is a reliable repeat bloomer and thrives in warm climates, making it a fragrant favorite in many gardens.

Fragrant Cloud: A hybrid tea rose with an intense, fruity fragrance that features bright orange-red blooms. This rose is a standout in terms of both scent and appearance.

Julia Child: Named after the famous chef, this Floribunda rose produces a sweet anise scent with hints of licorice. Its blooms are a vibrant golden-yellow, adding a pop of color and a touch of sweetness to any garden. It was Julia’s favorite rose.

Mister Lincoln: This classic Hybrid Tea Rose boasts velvety, deep red blooms with a powerful, old-fashioned fragrance. Its rich aroma, reminiscent of berries and spice, lingers long after the bloom fades. Mister Lincoln’s disease resistance and vigorous growth make it a low-maintenance choice.

Radiant Perfume: Imagine sunshine embodied in a rose: Grandaflora Radiant Perfume boasts large, vibrant gold blooms that open from elegant, pointed buds. As you draw near, a citrusy fragrance bursts, intense like a lemon grove. Blooming generously on long stems, these golden beauties are perfect for adding a touch of cheer and a burst of fragrance to your home. Their glossy, dark green foliage provides a striking contrast, making them truly radiant.

Voodoo: A fiery Hybrid spectacle unfolds with vibrant orange and pink blooms morphing into a mesmerizing scarlet, captivating the eye before enchanting the nose with a sweet, spicy fragrance that remind me of summer popsicles.

Insider Tip: Rose and Flower Food with Systemic is a helpful all-in-one food for vibrant blooms and healthy plants. This specialized formula provides essential nutrients for robust growth. It includes systemic bug control to protect against pesky thrip and aphids that damage roses. Use every other month during the growing season for stunning, bug-free roses.

Bonus Idea: Interplant roses with fragrant herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, and chamomile, to create a multi-sensory experience in your garden.

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Until next week, I’ll be helping local gardeners plant fragrant roses here at Watters Garden Center.

Ken Lain can be found at Watters Garden Center throughout the week, 1815 Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contacted through his websites at WattersGardenCenter.com or Top10Roses.com.


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