April 23, 2024 4:43 PM

The Puppeteer’s Dilemma – Buz Blog

If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

It’s no big secret to those who have watched President Joe Biden since his inauguration, that he has not been running the country. Considering his verbal incoherence, his mumbling gibberish, his constant look of confusion, his zombie walk, stumbling and falling, some might consider it a good thing that Joe Biden is not in charge. After watching him for three years, it’s apparent that someone, or group, is pulling his strings.

It’s been said by more than a few pundits, that the Biden Administration represents Obama’s third term. From the policies Ole Joe has implemented, it looks like he is trying to out Obama, Obama. While Obama sicced the IRS on conservative groups and political opponents to restrict their funding before elections, Biden has unleashed the Justice Department and the FBI on those who oppose his woke agenda. He has also encouraged state and local Democrats to indict and sue his political opponent in the 2024 election.

When he was running for the presidency three years ago, Biden and the mainstream media implied that he would be a one term president who would bridge the gap between the hated Donald Trump and a new generation of political leaders. After spending time in the White House and enjoying the trappings and benefits of the office, it is obvious to most observers that Joe, and First Lady Jill, want to continue in their current positions.

For Biden’s handlers, this presents a major problem. He is so unpopular with the people that he poses a major threat to the power they want to hold on to. As much as they have pointed Biden in the direction they want him to go, he is still the President and his controllers can’t make him step down if he doesn’t want to. If Joe Biden runs and loses, he could take a lot of down ballot Democrat politicians with him. The Republicans could increase their numbers in the House of Representative and quite possibly take the majority in the Senate. More governorships and state legislatures could turn Republican.

A strong Trump/Republican victory could put the Democrats in the minority for years, if not decades. So who are the controllers? Radio talk show host, Dan Bongino, who has the experience and a lot of inside sources in the swamp, says that the Obama/Clinton faction of the Democrat party are in control of the party and President Joe Biden. That is logical and makes sense.

It is also apparent that if they want to hold on to their power, Joe will have to go. If Biden doesn’t want to leave office, these puppet masters have a major quandary. How do they get rid of Biden for a more viable candidate? With such exquisite timing that coincidence can be all but ruled out, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents when he was a Senator and Vice President, is released.

That report pretty much states that Biden seriously and willfully took and mishandled classified documents, but that Special Council Hur didn’t think he could get a jury to convict. The report stated that Biden appeared to be a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Because of this Hur did not think a jury would convict him.

Now the dilemma is in Biden’s court. If he is too incompetent to be prosecuted for the crimes for which he was investigated, then how is he competent to be President of the United States? Will the powers that be attempt to remove Biden from office via the XXV Amendment or some other means? Will they put enough pressure on Joe Biden to resign? Can the country survive until Joe Biden is replaced?


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