June 14, 2024 10:35 am

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Arizona Freedom Caucus Chairman Halts School Vaccine Mandates

In response to the CDC adding COVID-19 vaccinations to the list of recommended vaccines for children, paving the way for a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate for kids in public schools and public universities, the Arizona Freedom Caucus has released the following statement:

The CDC, in a politicized fashion, has added COVID-19 vaccinations to the list of recommended vaccines for children, the list that is often used to determine which vaccines are mandated in public schools and public universities across the country. Thanks to Arizona Freedom Caucus Chairman Jake Hoffman’s leadership, however, there will be NO mandate in Arizona’s public schools or public universities. Chairman Hoffman, as lead sponsor and author, along with fellow Arizona Freedom Caucus members and co-sponsors Reps. Judy Burges, Joseph Chaplik, John Fillmore, Jacqueline Parker, and Beverley Pingerelli led the fight to pass H.B. 2498, which was signed into law by the Governor in late April.

Chairman Hoffman exclaimed that he is disgusted by the CDC’s blatant attempt to force this vaccination onto children, however he further said he is “not surprised.” Hoffman is proud to be responsible for preventing this from causing any COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Arizona’s public schools and public universities. He went on to say the following:

“As Chairman of the Arizona Freedom Caucus I promise to always stand in the breach when the radical left attempts to take away our God-given freedoms. H.B. 2498 is a win for freedom and shows that the Arizona Freedom Caucus is already winning HUGE for freedom and the children of our state!”

This win shows us all that, clearly, the Arizona Freedom Caucus is a very beneficial group to all freedom loving Arizonans. The Arizona Freedom Caucus is already winning big, and it has only just begun!


One Response

  1. Thank you Chairman Hoffman and the others responsible for these common sense laws. Man, I’m glad I moved back to Arizona after the horrors of living in California.

    The CDC is part of the Radical Left’s effort to control everyone’s lives, take away our ability to fight back and to rob us blind. They don’t have any authority, but the filthy Radical Left trick is to have them make “recommendations” that companies, schools and other organizations FORCE DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS. Filth!

    De-fund the CDC, NPR, PBS, UN and all other parasitic organizations. Robbers!

    To fight back, see yavgop.org for the Republican Golden Ticket and be sure to vote NO on Propositions 209, 211, 308 and 310. Don’t fall for the filthy tricks of the Radical Left Money Thieves!!

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