February 20, 2024 10:49 AM

Hypnotically Speaking

After using the wheel of life (refer to my last article) you may now have a better idea of which areas of your life you would like to improve on in the next year. If you are still unclear of what your goals are, take a look at that article to help you out before continuing on here.

With clarity about where you are headed, we can now focus on your goals. A good dose of optimism is always good when focusing on the future. Optimism gives us the motivation and confidence we need to go after the life we deserve. Unrealistic optimists believe good things will simply happen.

Realistic optimists believe in their inborn power to make good things happen, so even if things get rough, they believe they will succeed. They believe they have to make their own success by putting in effort, careful planning, persistence, and choosing strategies that work. Google says being realistic is “having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.”

People who are confident in their success, and equally confident that success won’t come easy, put in more effort, anticipate problems, and plan how they will deal with them before they arise. They persist longer in the face of difficulty.

The first order of business is setting a goal. This is where you ask yourself important questions about what you want to achieve and then commit to it. Hypnosis can be a very useful tool to use to help you commit and focus on your outcome. Remember, the subconscious mind will always act out and toward your most dominant thought and feeling. What often can get in the way is to continue focusing on “what is” instead of the outcome we desire. When this happens, the subconscious gets confused. It’s kind of like a train having an engine at each end of the train. The train goes nowhere staying stuck in the same position. Hypnosis helps you focus on your outcome, while staying on track to achieve your goal.

One of the first things we do as hypnotherapists is ask specific questions toward your outcome. The questions important for us to ask and understand from our clients perspective are:

What do you want?

What specifically will that do for you? (this is the reason you want to achieve your goal)

Where, when, with whom do you want it?

How will this affect other aspects (or people) in your life?

What stops you from having this already?

What resources do you already have that will help you obtain your outcome?

What additional resources do you need to obtain it?

How are you going to get there? Step by step—-Be specific and make it achievable.

Is there more than one way to get there?

We ask these type of questions, listening to our clients answers, noticing their personal language, so we can suggest, using there own words, way to guide them toward their successful outcome. This is important so their mind can accept the suggestion more readily. I most always record the hypnosis sessions so my client can listen to those recordings over and over, creating and strengthening new neural pathways. This sends the subconscious mind on a mission to find solutions to fulfill your goals. If you would like to strengthen your commitment towards your goals contact a qualified hypnotherapist to help you out.

Until next time, have a beautiful day. You deserve it!


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