April 17, 2024 8:01 AM

Arizona Today – Interview with Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas (October 2021), Part 1

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Doug Logan founder and CEO of Cyber Ninjas. Doug pulls back the curtain and talks about how his company was picked for the Arizona audit, what the audit was about, how they set it up (the audit is the first ever in the history of the United States), and other aspects of the audit.


3 Responses

  1. The question remaining is will the Democrats and their lawyers and courts keep the audit from ever becoming law in Arizona and beyond? Delay beyond the 2022 primary season?

  2. The Democrats and their lawyers and courts pretty much control everything, regardless of how the people vote. Trickery and deceit is their main skill, which has been successful since Marxism started. Look for this Arizona audit to be discredited by the Regime and buried by the Media, to be forgotten as quickly as was Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium. When you are in mortal combat with a Marxist agenda, presenting facts is a waste of time since the public has already been captured by skillful propaganda. To fight fire with fire, Conservatives will have to learn a new weapon – propaganda. This is total psychological warfare, and only the side that controls the media and public narrative will win.

  3. been watching the audit for quite somwtime! i like everyone else looking for results with baited breath. listen to everyone involved, looks like the biggest problem is “BACKBONE”. everyone wants
    everyone else to get involved, we are in Ohio and i’ve been getting everyone involved that i can talk to! we are all waiting for the final results. looks like one big ovewhelming mess to conten with, but it does look like more adn more people wre waiking up. o the opositions idea is to out wait everyone till they get discouraged and forget about it. can’t tell you how many time i’ve heard lets move on we’ll get it taken care of in 2022. i guess all i can say is keep kicking but and taking names!!!

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