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May 20, 2024 11:01 AM

Maricopa Board of Supervisors Agrees to Forensic Audit

Lyle Rapacki, of Arizona Today, discusses what has happened with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the subpoenas that the Arizona Senate has sent to them. Dr. Rapacki also discusses what is happening to our nation.

The letter from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to the Arizona Senate:

And Karen Fann’s, President of the Arizona Senate, letter back to the Board:

YouTube video


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  1. Hi Patriots
    Just want send some support from across the pond.
    Good luck with the Audit.

    Keep up the great fight.

    Regards Tom Flaherty

    1. The supervisors only allowed “images” of ballots to be audited.
      Where are the original ballots? You know, the Chinese manufacturers ones without creases and down ballot votes after Joe- the commander in thief.
      Are the original ballots destroyed such as happened in Atlanta?

      1. Images of ballots isn’t good enough.
        The audit won’t be true without the paper ballots. Shame on them.

          1. Dear Editor,

            Please say more about this. The list displayed by Dr. Rapacki clearly stated “images of ballots”. You cannot do adequate forensics of paper by using images.

            Then as follow-up, would someone as skilled at paper forensics as Jovan Pulitzer of the GA State Subcommittee hearing, be involved in both of the 2 teams to do the investigation? The ability to detect bends, ink type, drawing technique, etc. is so crucial to detecting the “ground up” possible fraud.

            Then, from the “top down”, the need for ability to trace data traffic and decode it from outside entities to voting servers is also crucial. E.g., is Col. Waldron, or the people Mike LIndell who recently hired an expert mathematician who then traced traffic from a precinct level all the way into outside country locations.

            I know you’re getting a lot of questions. I cannot tell you how important what you are doing is. Other states may follow based on your efforts. Your state’s efforts are the best shot we have, regardless of whether Biden or Trump wins, at regaining any real sense of trust in our election integrity.

            I’m from Texas, but myself and many like me are so grateful for your reporting on this.

          2. I am a transplant to the Great State of Arizona from the not so great state of New Jersey. I am also a registered voter here, and proudly cast my vote for the candidate of my choice. I cannot express my dismay and absolute anger enough to satisfy myself that I have gotten my point across concerning election fraud here in AZ and across our country. I implore those who hold the reins of power in AZ to do everything humanly possible to expose fraud where it exists in Maricopa County. By doing the right thing, AZ may be the catalyst needed by other contested states to take an honest look at their state elections.

          3. So again this won’t show anything. Senator Karen Fann said in her statement that the board of supervisors will give her copies of the ballots. So much for the congress having control over election stuff. Without letting people check all that they think is needed to make sure the voting was correct, there’s a suspicion that things weren’t done right and hid as they suspect from the beginning and the reason this is being looked into anyway. Government officials shouldn’t be the one’s checking this, as it’s the people that want the audit checked by the people, not the government which is in question of how this was done.

      2. They’re likely in the background adding artifacts to the digital images; you’re correct that the original ballots are NOT optional!

        IF there is identifying information it could easily be blurred out; that argument is baloney!

  2. If massive Fraud is discovered after the audit, I hope and Pray that the fine Arizona Legislatures will publish their findings with all the battle ground states, STARTING WITH GEORGIA.

    1. I hope if something is found that something will be done about it not just okay let’s move on this won’t happen again. Please please for fellow Americans make it right. Make our voices heard.

    2. Don’t get your hopes up…because the way they have been fighting to NOT have transparency, most of them would rather go to their grave with a lie than live with the truth.

    3. We must get to the bottom of any claims of fraud to protect integrity in our voting systems. Check the original ballots – do the forensic analysis by a reputable independent entity – then present the results to the Governor and Secretary of State. No political party involvement or partiality should be involved in ensuring the integrity of our voting systems in Arizona and all other 49 states.

  3. How will you know they haven’t tampered with all those machines by the time you get them?

    1. I wondered the same thing. They said some kind of “federal” outfit is doing the audit too, God knows we can not trust the feds.

    2. Their claim on the video update is that tampering would also leave a “footprint” that could be detected. Arguably, the SOS is responsible for the evidence, and could be charged with a crime if it’s tampered with. I.e., when you delete log files for adjudication, it’s quite detectable.

      But to your point, could fake log files be substituted, or other “covering of tracks” be accomplished? With enough time and skill, sure. It would take extremely good skills though to do so without being detectable though. It will all depend on how good the forensics people are… SOC would really be putting self at risk if tampering occurs, and then gets detected.

      1. I said SOC. That is incorrect. It would be the Maricopa County election officials responsible for storing and controlling access to the election equipment….

  4. Thank You For The Fight Please Get To The Top Of This My Heart And Mind Can’t Take No More Of This I.I Know That There Was Fraud We Need To Know And We Want It FIXED. Fare Is Fare Period If You Can’t Win Don’t Run We Deserve The Truth No More No Less.

  5. I am asking if fraud can be proven, can we institute the “Convention of States”??? Biden is in by fraud! We are looking at the institution of the last days!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that you have made it to Michigan. We hear you and Thank You. Just wish you would have waited until the audit was underway to publish your statement.

  7. Dear Dr Lyle Rapacki,
    Just tonight I saw you speak on a you tube video on this alleged election fraud. I
    sincerely you are able to get the state legislature to look into this fraud. Thank you
    for being diligent in the pursuit of the truth. I do believe that we are in trouble as
    a nation and we need people like you to stand up to this fraud.
    Thank you and good luck! I will be looking for further developments that you may
    Gary J. Christy
    Westerville, Oh

  8. Lyle,

    I really appreciate your work, as well as the Senate’s, in getting this audit performed. It is difficult to believe that the board of supervisors obstructed a forensic audit, and that the governor stood by and allowed it. That will be their legacy.

    Thank you again,


  9. Dr. Rapacki;
    Thank you for all your efforts in trying to get all the election fraud allegations investigated. I am an arizona voter, and i truly believe there were several issues with our presidential election that need to be addressed. Not only in our state, but in several other states as well.

  10. I would just like to thank you as a resident of N.Y. State in Essex County, for all that you are doing. I cannot wait to see the answers and what will happen if it is proven to be fraud.

  11. I hope this forensic audit is not too late to find the problems and that all the information is still in tact. I am concerned with the timing of the approval in conjunction with the swearing in of Joe Biden. Thank you for your update.

    1. I believe this is a biblical revelation and we are going to witness what is about to happen. Mr Donald J Trump will be our President 2020 can’t wait

  12. Thank you Prescott eNews. Thank you for this news. Thank you so very much for your hard work. I particularly want to thank Lyle Rapacki for his efforts and work. I have seen his YouTube videos. I hope there can be a complete and thorough audit of the ballots and voting machines.

  13. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for at least giving the American People a closer look into the election fraud we keep hearing about. Good Luck and God Bless.

  14. What will happen now that Biden is in office? Will all this evidence just fall by the wayside? If the powers that be refused to allow the massive evidence of election fraud to be heard before Biden was inaugurated, it will be even harder now. Please pursue this to the end. I am devastated that this could happen in our country!

  15. THANK YOU ARIZONA! As a University of Arizona graduate, ’87, and a New Mexico native, THANK YOU for working diligently to find the TRUTH! If you can do it in AZ., perhaps we can follow suit in NM. Godspeed and God Bless! Vicki

  16. Please advise as how to get the book entitled Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven. Thank you.

  17. I heard the Dept. of Homeland security was involved with the audit…Be careful not to trust them and dont take your eyes off them or the evidence. Heck its been so dang long now that they had all kind of time now to cover there tracks and get rid of evidence. Thats why they have been stahling so long.

  18. I would like to buy the book that was read from the video. I am asking you for information on how to that that . Thank you so much for all that is being done to shed light on the truth of this election.

    1. The book can be purchased by sending a check to:
      Prescott ENews
      PO Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ 86302
      $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

  19. Bless you for all you the great work you are doing to bring forth the truth. America deserves the truth.

  20. I wake up every morning confused about how the 2020 election lawsuits were ignored by the supreme court. To ask for our votes before the election and then shoot us down when we cry out for justice is no way to unite this country. In order to establish true peace in America we need our voices heard. And since when is big tech supposed to censure certain videos and dictate what we should watch? I for one, sincerely thank you for your efforts in clearing up this facade and delivering results as to what took place forensically on the voting machines that were used in the 2020 election. Thank you very much!

  21. Thank your legislature, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, you and everyone who is making the effort to assure integrity to our election process. My heart has been broken for what I heard and witnessed during the states’ Senate Subcommittee hearings. The fraud was flagrant and to think we cannot do anything about it is like attending a loved ones funeral. A funeral for our country. Where can I send funds to help? How can I order your book? Thank you again from Brenham, Texas.

    1. Sandra,

      You can send a check to:
      Prescott ENews
      PO Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ 86302
      $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

  22. We are looking on with great interest here in the UK. You’re doing great work for us all.

  23. I am a resident of Georgia where we know massive fraud was conducted, the Secretary of State and several others are not going to let any of this come out, because they know what happened in Fulton County and other counties in Georgia. Keep up the good works and God bless and keep you safe on this journey.

  24. Thank you for the update Lyle
    I would like to order a few copies of your book

    Pat Foley

    1. Here is where to send your check for the book:
      Prescott ENews
      PO Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ 86302
      $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

  25. Thank you for all you’re doing for the American people who care to know the truth. I’m watching from Georgia.

  26. Hi from Ireland Lyle,

    Watching your updates here in Dublin and best of IRISH luck that your pursuits go smoothly!
    God Bless,


  27. Thank you for keeping up the GOOD FIGHT! Wishing you luck and hoping you can jumpstart the other states where this fraud has taken place, including Pennsylvania, my state. Our votes were stolen!

  28. Thank you for your diligent service to our Country. I have been following this issue very closely since the election. I applaud your willingness to stand up and defend this great country against the forces that would subvert the process of open and fair elections. We must do everything in our power to find out the truth. I live in Pennsylvania and I anxiously await Arizona’s results so that my State and others can be empowered to find the truth also. We need to know the truth so that this type of thing will never happen again. It’s never too late! Keep the faith!

  29. Just a big thank you to Arizona from Arkansas for continuing to challenge the election results, procedures, voting machines.

  30. Dr. Rapalcki, when they do prove fraud in this county, and they will, perhaps the other 16 states you mentioned in the video will follow suit and get the anointed man of God re-elected into Office.

  31. Dear Dr. Rapacki,
    You and Senate President Fann, Senator Borrelli, and all those (including Prescott Enews) are blessed gifts from God! Thank you for being the advanced guard in this fight not only for voter integrity but for our State and Federal Constitutions, rule of law and the very nature and character of our nation. I have been praying for you since I saw your first report on this issue. THANK YOU for reaching out to other state legislatures to aid them in this up-hill battle!
    I WILL reach out to purchase your book. I WILL continue to pray fervently for you, and I am ready to offer whatever volunteer support I can to your efforts. The battle is surely the Lord’s, but we are His soldiers. God bless and guide you every step of the way.

  32. Thank you so much for looking into this ! I’m not from Arizona but it means alot to possibly get some answers. If nothing is found great i can have a clear conscience but if there was a great amount of fraud hundreds of thousands of voices will be heard and we who believe there was fraud will be proved right. Thanks again I will be donating to help the cause I appreciate you and your state ????

  33. I went to the Prescott Enews home page and could not find any information regarding how to purchase Dr. Rapaki’s book or how to support the on-going efforts concerning voter integrity. I left a voice message at the general phone number I found under “contact the editor”. Could you please give Dr. Rapaki’s followers directions regarding these questions?

    1. Beth (and others),

      The address for the book is
      Prescott ENews
      PO Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ 86302
      $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

      Please make your check out to Lyle Rapacki.

  34. From the video, I caught:
    Prescott E-News
    PO Box 2825
    Prescott, AZ 86302
    $15.00 (or more, if you care to donate more)

  35. Maricopa county board needs to be investigated for conspiracy against the people of the state of arizona. They withheld this information to run out the clock and have now rolled over the day before the inauguration. If FRAUD is confirmed then they should be criminally held liable… you should request a FOIA request of all phone calls, emails and text messaging of the board for the past three months, If the FRAUD is confirmed go after their civilian records as well, the did this at the request of some bigger power…its time to put some sunshine on this mold and rot!

  36. (January 18, 2021): Dear Dr. Rapacki,

    As an attorney who voted in the 2020 election, I thank you for supporting this effort to evaluate whether election & voting fraud occurred in Maricopa County, and to what extent.

    We Americans hope & pray that the same responsible election integrity assessment will be conducted by other state legislatures situated in the other 16 states where numerous incidents of alleged election fraud have also been reported. To the extent any of the other states do conduct similar forensic audits, we would hope that the Arizona forensics team will compare available published data among those, including Arizona, to identify patterns suggesting possible coordination of nation-wide election fraud.

    We would expect that this forensic audit will identify all possible fraudulent activities, including: (a) misuse of mail-in balloting (use of counterfeit ballot documents, participation by ineligible voters); (b) multiple scans of the same ballot to inflate vote count; (c) excessive & improper ballot “adjudication” (leading to vote switching, vote cancellation, fractional vote counting); (d) improper electronic manipulation of voting data; (e) improperly secured voting equipment & networked voting data sites & servers (leading to access by unauthorized personnel); (f) foreign government interference; (g) forensic analysis of paper ballots (type & source of ballot paper, ballot printing ink, mail-in ballots have creases from folding or lack thereof, comparison of voter’s ink with ink type on printed ballot; and (h) confirmation that envelopes for mail-in ballots were reviewed for authentication.

    Perhaps the most worrisome items for this forensic audit are: (1) whether electronic data forensics can establish if data has been tampered with since Election Day; and (2) whether an electronic data trail exists to confirm foreign government interference of our election may have occurred.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to remind us of the many facets that need review here in such a succinct list.

  37. Just received this news and congratulate the hard work of Arizona Senate and others. I will try to get this out to everyone I know in Central Texas. Please also get information out ASAP to OAN, News Max and Lou Dobbs at Fox News!

    Gary M. Jones
    Temple, Texas

  38. Now that Maricopa County has agreed to a forensic audit – is it’s just the machines or machines and ballots? Also, is Jovan Pulitzer involved in doing the job?

  39. Dr. Rapacki and everyone involved in this fight – thank you so very much. We need someone with courage and fortitude to keep fighting this battle. Our country and our rights are at stake. If you are successful other states will follow. I am passing this video on to others. I’m from New Jersey. I don’t see this reported anywhere. If you have the proof what could be the end result? I hope it is not just that we fix future elections.
    God bless you all. Our prayers are with you.

  40. Thank you so much for your efforts to expose the obvious fraud in our election.IPray that God’s Hand will be upon you throughout this fight between good and evil,I pray God’s blessings upon you may he guide you and keep you safe . You are a great warrior of God.
    This is James Morgan of Alabama .
    Thank You!

  41. I also would like to second MICHAEL MOSHER “Convention of States”.
    The federal Gov. has been abusing power for decades.
    The States gave the fed Gov. power, the States can take it back.
    It’s a long shot, but maybe all we have.

  42. Hello Sir, My deepest appreciation for all the hard work from us in Central Virginia. I try to listen/watch all the hearings and evidence. My heart broke when I saw the unbelievable results if the election.. I KNEW THERE WAS BAD BEHAVIOR AFOOT to put it nicely. My hope for the future is for the truth to come out and especially that all electronic voting machines are eliminated permanently and no more sending ballots to those who are dead etc. We are watching and waiting. Thank you for being do brave. Sincerely, Margaret

  43. Watching and researching this all from Wyoming. This is fantastic. There are rebuttal articles that Maricopa County says they are still negotiating. . . I pray for your success at the forensic evaluation of the machines and vote. I think such an audit will provide the transparency we all need as Americans in our elections. The loss of election integrity and truth is the crumbling foundation to the rights the government cannot infringe upon. Good for you all!

  44. Lyle Rapacki,
    It’s about time that the Maricopa Board of Directors has succumbed to an audit. I however, believe that their 2-1/2 months delay since the election has given them the time to purge the machines, shred the votes and cover up the fraud in such a way that no forensic audit will be able to reconstruct what really happened. God bless you for your courageous effort. I pray that it proves fruitful but I am skeptical that any evidence remains.
    Living under tyranny,
    Dave Curtin

  45. I keep checking back for Part 2 that was to be posted yesterday. Please keep working to find out the truth! Our country is in serious trouble without voter Integrity.
    Thank you

  46. How do you know things have not been tampered with prior to the audit?Too much time has gone by to have faith in results! Anyone capable of the initial fraud is capable of a coverup.. do your duty and do it well. Our nation is counting on you!

  47. It has to be thd real ballots not copies. Can anyone confirm what is being agreed to? When will we see the agreement?

  48. My fellow Patriots, before we can expect to affect any change in Government, the completely corrupt Voting system must be purged and replaced. This excerpt is from 2 days ago, on a court ruling to FINALLY approve a forensic audit in Maricopa county. We should all flood the Internet with Demands to the Representatives in all Swing States to hold full Forensic Audits on Dominion voting machines. If we are to have any chance in 2022, we cannot let the Government forget the 2020 MASSIVE cheat. It is NOT over, if we are indeed Patriots. 

  49. Hello and THANK YOU from Oregon! There are a lot of us Conservatives out here praying for the evidence of these “shenanigans” to be investigated thoroughly and with integrity. Thank you Arizona for leading the way! I watched those hours of testimonies, weeks ago. These hundreds of witnesses need to know you are fighting for them and the integrity of our election process. You are fighting some mighty big giants, so continue the good fight, don’t give in to threats and intimidation. The TRUTH of this election needs to be discovered.
    Kimberly Howell
    NW Oregon

  50. Not for publication:
    Dear Dr. Rapacki,

    I heard your interview with Sonny Borelli on YouTube Friday. It was really very helpful to understand what is going on there now. I lived in AZ a number of years back – went to Thunderbird for grad school and learned how to fly helicopters out of Scottsdale.

    You mentioned that there are 15 states whose legislators are concerned about their results. I am working with a group that is pushing for election integrity in our country. Sidney Powell and General McInerny are involved. It is purely grass roots with over 200k followers. I am trying to help them to mobilize folks to get them to influence their state legislators for good. We have to investigate this last election now or we will lose our country, as Congress is already looking to vote on new Federal regulations for states in House Bill #1.

    We need to push to get this process corrected ASAP…not only for the presidency but all down ballot as well. It seems highly likely this was not done in just one race.

    If you have a list of the states in question and any contacts, it would be much appreciated. It never hurts for legislators to know they have the support of their constituents to do the right thing. We can have people write or call who live there, if we have a call to action. We need to save our republic!

    Thanks so much for you time and attention –
    Debra Smith

    Debra A. Smith DO, MIHM, MBA
    Mobile: 412-600-9042

  51. Thank you for your hard work. We voted absentee ballots in Pima County. We take our right to vote very seriously. We are praying for our Country and for your health and safety.

    Sincerely, Roger and Billie Stevens

  52. I pray for you all. As with all fights it will not be easy. But true Americans fight to win with God on their side. The rightous shall prevail ! May God and his angels be at your side. A LOT of true Americans will stand with you. I am 70. I was born an American and I will die an American!!
    The Constitution is America! Everyone has a choice in America. Other countries you don’t. You can love it or leave it. Too many have died for it and may again. But don’t try to change it!! It is us and we are it!!!!
    Those who took an oath to support and defend it should do so. If you lied !!!!! God help you. You deserve to be punished.
    Please stand tall and fight your fight to win!!!! A true American would!!!!!!!!!!!

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