February 20, 2024 11:04 PM



Opinion: Keep Governments Out of Data Debates – Inside Sources

With the increasing digitization of everything from social interaction to shopping to maps and our real-time locations, there are growing calls to regulate technology companies and pass privacy laws mandating how data can be collected. But private data collection during our use of products and everyday services can be done in a way that doesn’t


Opinion: The Great American Reset Is Underway and Will Change Everything

It is underway. It has huge momentum, and it will change everything we do — work, leisure, health care, education, use of resources — and, as a bonus, how the world sees us. It is the Great American Reset, where things will be irreversibly changed. It is a seminal reset that will shape the decades


Llewellyn King: Future Indicative — Work From Home Will Change Everything

Dimly through the fog of the future some structures are emerging. Some of the purely physical are becoming discernible. The changes in work, collective consciousness and play are harder to bring into focus. We — call us a ravaged generation — will face a future, the future indicative, radically different from that past that we

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