Randy Miller, Arizona Director, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s Association, to Speak to Yavapai Conservatives

The local chapter of Yavapai County’s Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR)  has announced that Mr. Randy Miller,  Director of the Arizona chapter of the Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association, will speak at their monthly meeting this Saturday, September 24th, in Chino Valley. The meeting is free and open to the public but seating is limited. Those wishing to attend are asked to RSVP.

Mr. Miller is a former Senior Deputy Probation Officer for Santa Barbara County, California, with extensive experience with gang violence,  drug trafficking and intensive adult parole supervision. He has also served as an instructor in the county police academy on police procedures including arrest and control and state and federal laws governing the use of force.

As the Arizona State Director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Mr. Miller speaks frequently on topics related to police power and state sovereignty, the right to bear arms under state and federal law, the role of the state militia and the constitutional basis of the right to  self defense. Mr. Miller focuses his energies on community education and working with state legislators on issues involving citizen rights,  due process and support and funding for the law enforcement community.

Mr. Miller’s talk on Saturday will focus on the Constitutional basis for citizen rights, including the Second Amendment right to bear arms and recent Supreme Court decisions affirming those rights. He will also address renewed efforts at the state and national level to restrict those rights. In many jurisdictions throughout the country, opponents of the Second Amendment have joined liberal legislators and members of the Biden administration with proposals for stricter gun controls including increased background checks, waiting periods, so-called Red Flag laws,  and limits on the caliber of firearms and the size of magazines that can be owned by the general public.  In addition, Mr. Miller will address issues related to the legal status of digital currency and the Constitutional basis of the federal governments right to “coin” and regulate  money under Article 1, Section 8.

The Yavapai County Chapter of the Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic is a group of conservative activists dedicated to defending the promoting the values of representative government as set forth in the United States Constitution. They are a private organization and not directly affiliated with a political party. However, most members are registered Republicans or conservative leaning Independents who are civically engaged or are current or former elected officials or candidates for office.  During this election year,  President Dutton has scheduled candidates for all top level state and national offices to address the group.

ConCR meets monthly at the Bible Baptist Church,  3490 N. State Road 89,  in Chino Valley. Recent speakers include Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward,  Congressmen Paul Gosar and Any Biggs,  State Senator Wendy Rogers, and many other prominent conservative figures and candidates for office. ConCR is a membership organization.  However, in the interest of informing voters about important issues and candidates,  the appearances of guest speakers of high public interest are open to the public.  All those wishing to meet Mr. Miller and learn about the work of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in protecting our civil liberties are cordially invited to attend. Time permitting, Mr. Miller will stand for questions from the audience. Doors open at 11:00AM.   The meeting will begin promptly at 11:15 AM.   RSVP’s are requested and should be addressed to concr2018@gmail.com.


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