The Proposed Sun Dog Connector Route – Mayor Kell Palguta

Open House meetings are being held to discuss the proposed Sun Dog Connector that will be the first and only East/West connector road between Prescott and Prescott Valley that is not a state highway.

There has been some resistance from those who have recently moved to Yavapai Hills and Diamond Valley in the past few years as well as others who do not believe in listening to the community as a whole. My response is the following:

#1 Public Safety: police and fire response times can be as high as 20 minutes for some residents on the back side of Yavapai Hills. I will always put public safety of human life ahead of anything else.

#2 With the anticipated purchase of Glassford Hill by Prescott Valley, Prescott and Yavapai County this would eliminate any future residential development by any developers along that route.

#3 The Sundog Connector would be able to add an additional trailhead access point for future trail systems in and around Glassford Hill.

#4 The Sundog Connector has been voted on by both Prescott and Prescott Valley’s General Plan for over 20 years. *** It is no coincidence that the area by Hobby Lobby in Prescott Valley and the access point near the juvenile detention center in Prescott are both named Sun Dog Connector.

We cannot discard the voice of the voters for the past 20 years in both Prescott and Prescott Valley because of individuals who have moved here recently and want to change plans and or stop growth. I’m also sorry to let other elected officials know who may have already made up their mind before the meetings and corridor studies are completed that just because their campaign donors may have donated to their election campaign their opinion does not outweigh others in our community.


3 thoughts on “The Proposed Sun Dog Connector Route – Mayor Kell Palguta”

  1. Just what we need, more roads for idiots to use for speeding, reckless driving, making enough noise to wake Satan.

    We have enough roads. What we need is a system to force, and I mean force, people to slow down and get to where they’re going without without endangering others and without all the obnoxious racket from juvenile clown exhaust systems that waste energy and annoy other people.

    I remember my days in Prescott before I moved to LA (what a mistake that was). At the time, Prescott wasn’t Everyone’s Hometown, it was Everyone’s Racetrack. Idiots running it though the gears at 5 am, people weaving in and out of traffic, people speeding pretty much non-stop, it was absolutely horrible on the roads back then and I’m sure it’s worse now.

    At present, all over the USA, the priority on the roads is NOT on safety. It should be. Every day, people are maimed and killed because people need to save a few minutes of their precious. America’s roads are a disgrace.

  2. A cognitive read of Mr. Palguta’s comments suggest deceit of the “locals”. His item #1 is no doubt an issue most will believe as possible but no reason to build a multi million tax dollar highway connecting PV shopping centers to a pair of incarceration facilities. Point #2 is insulting to our intelligence. Of course the corridor will open up thousands of remote areas to future development. Most likely Mr. Palguta and his developer friends are already preparing options to buy in this area.
    #4 merely suggest both Prescott and Prescott Valley political body’s have been encouraged to open up this area for further development by influential persons. Our declining water sources by over development should take major development off the drawing board.

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