Gosar Introduces Legislation to Prevent the Federal Government from Creating Gun Lists

Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement after introducing the No Gun Lists Act, legislation endorsed by Gun Owners of America.

“In its latest attempt to keep track of all law-abiding gun-owners and implement its unconstitutional gun control agenda, the Biden administration has ordered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) create a gun owner database of almost a billion searchable records, prohibited by current federal law.  In just the past year, the ATF has stockpiled the records of over 54 million legal gun owners according to a  troubling document first reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

The ATF is violating existing federal law regarding record keeping and there is concern that passing another law prohibiting record keeping will not stop the ATF.  My No Gun Lists Act would require the ATF to immediately eliminate their illegal firearm record repository system, prohibit the relisting of records, and allow gun owners to sue the ATF for damages and injunctive relief,” said Congressman Paul Gosar.

Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affair, Gun Owners of America (GOA) added “Rogue bureaucrats who assist in the infringement of the People’s Second Amendment rights to create a gun registry don’t deserve special protections, they deserve to be punished. Congress has no business whatsoever maintaining its gun and gun owner registry. GOA thanks Rep. Gosar for this strong legislation.”


Current Federal law requires gun purchases from dealers to fill out form 4473, which are stored by dealers for 20 years thereby preventing the ATF from accessing the information in the future.  18 USC § 923(g)(4) requires out of business dealers to provide Out of Business Records (OBRs) to the Department of Justice. 18 U.S.C § 926 prohibits the ATF from creating and/or maintaining a firearm registry. The Biden administration is moving to alter current laws to ensure that gun records are transferred and stored in perpetuity to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the federal government. ATF is using the OBRs to create and maintain a firearm registry of almost a billion records with their Enterprise Content Management Imaging Repository System.

The No Gun Lists Act requires the immediate elimination of the Enterprise Content Management Imaging Repository System, which allows ATF to maintain a searchable gun owner information database of almost a billion records. Additionally, the No Gun Lists Act creates a private right of action that allows gun owners to sue the ATF.

Click here to read the legislation.


2 thoughts on “Gosar Introduces Legislation to Prevent the Federal Government from Creating Gun Lists”

  1. Dr. Gosar’s submission will go no where in a Democrat congress – administration. It would take a federal law suit moving up to the SCOTUS. And even then; that is in doubt today.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    There is no gun registry, the ATF has been storing pictures of Firearms forms for years. When a gun dealer closes, their records are stored with the ATF. the only use of these records, is to use in the rare situation when tracking a gun used in a crime and the dealer that sold the gun has retired or passed and the records are not with them anymore. This is pure political theater…

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