Building a 3 step skincare routine on a budget

Building a habit of regular skin care involves lots of steps which sometimes become expensive. Eventually it becomes a valid reason to abandon the routine. However, adopting a three steps approach; cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen, you can easily downsize redundant skin care costs. At the same time, being confined with limited cosmetics your skin will stay from side effects. So, let’s uncover certain way outs which will proactively nurture your skin health without denting your pocket. Just be alert to consider own skin type before shopping the wellness kit while you’re preoccupied with this venture, otherwise all your effort could be flooded away with bulge of harmful effects.

Know your skins and related problems

Before snagging any random skincare products, it’s essential to understand skin types, needs and healing process. Hence, briefly skim associated problems involved with various skin taxonomies prior to customizing products.

  • Dry skin: flakes, itchiness and rough texture
  • Oily skin: greasiness and shiny due to acute sebum secretion
  • Normal skin: no problems found.
  • Sensitive skin: easily gets sunburned, affected
  • Combination skin: combined with dry and oily skin patches

 Budget skincare products for regular uses| adopting 3 steps approaches

Whether you’re running on a budget or not, the best way to pamper your skin and glow is to be limited with products. Thus, accepting a 3 step approach is best to ensure impressive results rather than lots of methods. Let’s check out these one by one.

A. Cleansing

The first and foremost step to initiate skincare habits. The purpose of cleansing is to affirm skins staying away from blemishes, swellness, pimples and being well hydrated. The entire process of cleansing covers both face and bare portions of the body. It’s further broken into 3-4 subparts which are as follows

Regular use of cleansers

Cleansers do not just soften your skin but wipe out layers of ooze from your  epidermis and make the surface skin clog free. Ideally you should use cleansers twice a day; before bed at night and in the morning. While shopping, make sure the cleanser is ‘non-comedogenic’ and holds hyaluronic acid dilution.

Face wash and exfoliating

Cleansers are perfect for day to day generic skin care. But when it comes to uprooting deep rooted skin dirt or stubborn pimples, face masks and exfoliators are the ones which are much needed. Face masks come in various types; scrubber, clay mask, sheet masks, and so forth. Each of these play pivotal roles in treating old skin scars, fungal infection, acne etc. However, exfoliators are not for every day purposes, but rather should be applied once or twice a week.


After cleansing or doing a deep layered face wash, your skin may feel dry. To restore the hydration back in ratio, toners become effective. However, these are available as per skin tones and types. Toners are impactful to color enhancement despite softening skin pores. You must pay attention to glycerine content and PH scale before buying one.

Face oils and serums

You may wonder what role face oils and serums play in the discourse of daily skincare. A few drops of essential oils, or CBD oils–jojoba oils, lavender oils are enough to appease all kinds of stress from facial muscles which also pat the skin homogeneity simultaneously. The same logic is applicable to facial serums. The only difference is these are made of chemicals rather than being herbal.  The major ratio of facial serums have hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, zinc etc.  Facial oils and serums are great protectors against anti-aging. Use Ulta Coupon Code 2021 to save handsomely on purchase of these products.

B. Moisturizing

Next step after a genuine cleansing is to moisturize your skin paying special attention to dry patches like cheeks, lips, palms and fingers. Keep in mind that moisturizers also are of ample types as per skin types. Best moisturizers are those which hold sufficient PH ratio, hyaluronic, glycerin percentage, vitamins-C & A.  Select one as per your skin texture. For example, for dry skin, a concentration of glycerin and vitamins is higher and vice-versa.

C. SPF and sunscreen

Coating arms, face and other exposed portions of the body with sunscreen is mandatory before you step out. SPF is the main element of sunscreens. A good sunscreen contain above SPF30. However, in order to derive the best effect from sunscreen, do ensure a decent balance of moisturizer. Despite sunscreen you can also try several UV-ray resistant mineral cream.

Additional steps for healthy skin nourishment

While the above 3 methods proactively combat the malnourishment of skin, few additional practices will trigger the result. These are

  • Eat healthy: increase intake of  healthy and homely food which maintains a balance of protein, carbs and vitamins
  • Stay hydrated: keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water a day
  • Stay away from  alcohols, drugs
  • Get a good sound sleep of 8hrs. Remember, good sleep is a panacea to all diseases and better health.

All these skincare items prescribed above are inexpensive and under budget and will sufficiently encourage you to have regular skincare habits. Do try these from popular beauty and wellness care stores namely Ulta, Sephora etc.  at great discounts. With these, you must have a healthy lifestyle, otherwise  you won’t get the results you want..


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  1. I have always been following natural remedies for my skincare. There are some natural toner, cleansers that are very effetive on all skin types. I have been following where they use Ayurvedic herbs and spices for skin and hair care you can check.

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