Former AG Tom Horne, Candidate for State Superintendent for Public Instruction, to Speak on Critical Race Theory

The Camp Verde chapter of Yavapai County’s Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR)  has announced that former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, now running for Superintendent of Public Instruction, will speak on the need to keep Critical Race Theory out of Arizona classrooms.  The Camp Verde chapter of ConCR will hold their next monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 1st,  6pm,  at the Camp Verde Community Library, 130 Black Bridge Road.  The meeting is free and open to the  public.  Those who have attended previous meetings should note that this is a new meeting location for the Camp Verde Chapter of ConCR. RSVPs should be sent to Rose Sperry,

Mr. Horne has had a long and distinguished career in public service, serving as Arizona’s 25th Attorney General from 2011 to 2015. His career in public service began with his election to the Board of the  Paradise Valley Unified School District where he served for 24 years. From 1997 to 2001 he served in the Arizona House of Representatives.  In 2003 he was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction where he served two terms until he was elected Attorney General in 2011. Mr. Horne first settled in Arizona after his graduation from Harvard Law School,  with honors, in 1970.

He is currently in private law practice with Horne and Slayton in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As Superintendent of Public Instruction and as Attorney General,  Mr. Horne has been deeply involved with education issues. As Attorney General he successfully sued the Maricopa Community College to end their practice of providing in-state tuition to non-citizens who are in the country illegally.   He also successfully fought the Tucson Unified School District’s ethnic studies program.  He is now running again for Superintendent of Public Instruction out of concern that progressive educators have lost sight of academic standards and in some districts are engaged in a program of political indoctrination, commonly known as Critical Race Theory. Mr. Horne’s platform calls for a renewed emphasis on academic achievement and making English the primary language of instruction in Arizona classrooms.

The Camp Verde chapter of Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic meets monthly in Camp Verde. Jim Dutton is President of the Yavapai County organization. Ms. Rose Sperry coordinates the meetings in Camp Verde. This month and in the months ahead, conservative candidates for all top-level state and national offices are scheduled to address the group.  All those interested in meeting Mr. Horne and hearing about his plans to address the challenges facing public education in Arizona, are cordially invited to attend. To RSVP, send an email to Rose Sperry at

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1 thought on “Former AG Tom Horne, Candidate for State Superintendent for Public Instruction, to Speak on Critical Race Theory”

  1. I am glad to see that Tom is on the right side of CRT. It has no place in our schools.
    Thank you, Tom.

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