Arizona Today – Interviews with Col. Waldron, Rep. Mark Finchem, and Sen. Sonny Borrelli

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Col. Waldron, Rep. Mark Finchem, and Sen. Sonny Borrelli about the Arizona forensic audit because they have been involved in it since the beginning.


5 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interviews with Col. Waldron, Rep. Mark Finchem, and Sen. Sonny Borrelli”

  1. Thank you SO much for all that it is taking to take care of the elections and truth…so little of that is existing anymore and so many that want to be lax and sloppy on most everything any more in the governance of the nation! Thank you for all the hard work and the desire to cleanup everything so that we will have clean elections! I am so proud that I come form Arizona and that you all have lead the stand to have things right real and honest! I am so glad that 18 states actually are looking at what you are doing and that they too will get at it and accomplish for their states and the Nation to have legal, honest and clean elections! It HAS to be! After all, it is the People that are to be heard, the governance to work for us and hear us as we demand the right to keep America free! We cannot have a communist nation for any reason!

  2. I can only repeat what Ruth Hammons describes in her comment above with regard to my feelings. I am also impressed that a small group of people in Arizona are fighting against the corruption in the elections. It is encouraging that so many other states are visiting the forensic investigation in Maricopa. Many people agree with you that this procedure is an example for many other states. But the resistance is big and smart and widespread. And even if you find extensive irregularities or straight fraud it will be difficult to convince fellow citizens in other states across the country. But in the end you will succeed as the report in details explains what has been found. Many other states will follow your example, especially if not only the presedential election shows fraud, but when the election of other officials also has been corrupted.
    Meanwhile the mean stream media in the Netherlands are totally silent about this investigation. Unbelievable! Thanks to the interviews of dr. Rapacki and some other conservative radio- ot TV-stations in the USA I follow the proceedings in Arizona with special interest. Strength and courage for all people involved in the investigations, including all these volunteers!

  3. J.Patrick Barrett

    Be thorough, be diligent, be professional, and get the election audit right!
    Only then can “we the people” demand that the election results be implemented immediately !!! And, only then can those guilty of election fraud be held accountable.

  4. All present on this interview represent a resounding, “Paul Revere” moment. Each of you rides on white horses, with a call imbued with intelligence, persistence, purpose and integrity. As the winds blow to other states and to those who share the remembered vision for our Nation-our Planet, the gravity of what took place and the necessary corrections will gather momentum. This is and must be an organic process, without coercion, manipulation, pitches and the like. People must arrive at the truth with the help of their own conscience.
    This time is ours to reclaim our Freedoms and reinstate a true Commonwealth, as was heralded by our Founders. I am ever grateful to them and to you for clearing the path that we citizens may walk going forward. I thank you beyond words…

  5. While searching for ‘Maricopa county audit’ it is clear the communist propaganda machine has been ginned up on steroids. All of the MSM and its subacolites are in full swing – Google has put their propaganda on top of any audit supporters when you make a search. Their declaration already is the audit has been debunked. Tells you all you need to know.

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