Coalition for Compassion and Justice’s newest Housing Project – Paloma Village

Paloma Village is CCJ’s newest and BIGGEST housing project, and it is just beginning! Paloma Village, located in Chino Valley, will be a beautiful community of 25 brand new mobile homes able to offer housing to those in need.

With a variety of floor plans, these one, two, and three bedroom homes are suitable for individuals, couples, roommates, and families.  We believe that the dignity of living in a stand-alone structure is so valuable.

The village landscaping will offer natural beauty and areas for activity and gathering.  We will strive to meet the design standards of the very best communities.

When completed, Paloma Village will offer housing at $500-700/month, on-site client services, and will be a fully self-sustaining housing program, able to financially provide for further expansion.

CCJ is currently in escrow for a property that is a perfect fit!  We are able to purchase the property and get started!

This a BIG project and we are looking to raise $200,000 this year to get us moving on the engineering and site development.  We need your help!

Anything helps us get closer to our goal. This capital campaign will assist us to complete our first phase of development which will prepare the property for the entire project and place 12 units, housing up to 30 people! Go HERE to donate!

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