Councilman Phil Goode Launches Campaign for Mayor of Prescott

The campaign committee for Phil Goode for Mayor will officially launch their campaign with a Meet and Greet and fundraiser today, April 29th,  from 6-8pm, in the Arizona Room of the Hassayampa Inn,  122 E. Gurley Street in downtown Prescott.  The event is open to the public.  An RSVP is not required.  Appetizers and a no-host beer/wine bar will be provided.  A number of local dignitaries and elected officials are expected to attend the campaign launch in what is shaping up to be an election that will determine the future direction of the City.

Councilman Goode has served on the Prescott City Council since 2018 when he was the top vote getter among the entire field of municipal candidates.  Prescott city elections are officially non-partisan.  Although Mr. Goode does not wear a party label in his role as City Councilman,  he is a registered Republican and has been active in party affairs.

Since joining the city council,  he has become a favorite of both political conservatives and more moderate voters  who have  grown skeptical of what they see as a policy tilt in favor of developers and the growth of the city thru annexation.  The rapid growth in housing construction is fueling an increased demand for city services including police and fire protection, roads and infrastructure and draw downs of the city’s water reserves in a time of unprecedented drought.

Councilman Goode argues that the current rate of growth is unsustainable and will leave Prescott with long term liabilities long after the “quick buck”  developers have moved on.  Candidate Goode’s campaign website states that his goal is to slow down the out-of-control growth and unplanned development. He pledges to manage water resources  conservatively  “which includes not providing additional water resources outside Prescott City limits.”  He defines himself as a fiscal conservative who favors small government,  low taxes and policies that support “modest, sustainable, well managed  growth.”

Mr. Goode’s resume includes service in the US Army as a Decorated Vietnam combat veteran and a professional career as an executive in the medical industry.  He identifies himself as a Constitutional Conservative and an ardent defender of the 2nd Amendment.

The Arizona Room of the Hassayampa Inn is located in downtown Prescott, 122 E. Gurley  Street.  This campaign launch event from 6pm to 8pm, is an opportunity for the public to meet the candidate who will speak and stand for questions.

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2 thoughts on “Councilman Phil Goode Launches Campaign for Mayor of Prescott”

  1. Phil Goode is of strong principals and good character. His ability to see the big picture and not be swayed by strong pressure from those who seek to benefit financially from rulings from Prescott government. Phil studies issues as a responsible citizen would looking for the benefits and long term health of the Prescott community, He would be an outstanding mayor.

  2. Thank you for your service but you are 100% wrong on the development in Prescott. The city has issued 140 building permits this year for new homes. How is that unbridled development? The Big Chino Aquifer has 975,000,000,000 gallons of water which at current withdrawal rates should last 300 years. Discounting the recharge rate of the city of 85% of the water we are using.

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