Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phillip Waldron, PART 1

Dr. Lyle interviews Col. Philip Waldron about the upcoming forensic audit in Arizona and what it might find. They also discuss the election fraud, and what countries were involved.

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16 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phillip Waldron, PART 1”

  1. What I would ask is how is it that ‘they’ have not removed wiped and altered things so that it will
    not be found there is the obvious fraud that took place in our state and several others? Just saying!
    That said, thank you so very much for all of your strength to do this and to stand with us who are patriots and stand firm for America as founded!
    Too many saw what happened and did not like the poling actions of people and saw anomalies that were just not right!! The Democrats are just not true Americans anymore nad lets fact it, the third part of all of this mess is that those that are pushing OWO and communism worldwide are splitting us apart on purpose to take out America; the world only true strength to stop them fro taking over. So is they take us down and out as founded and we become Communist they have won…..
    I firmly believe that God has other plans for s all; some very good and for the rest the worst they can one even see as ‘they’ are being used by satan to cause as much evil as possible lying to them too!
    I pray that much is found and ‘they’ are shoe out in the public as the snakes they are!!!

    1. ‘They’re can certainly wipe machine memories and logs but the PHYSICAL PAPER BALLOTS are the evidence that is by federal and state law to be preserved and protected for at least 22 months. If the paper ballots are altered, lost, set on fire, that would be ‘SPOLIATION’ of evidence which is a very serious crime that will send people to prison. There is an unbelievable amount of evidence and proof that resides in the physical ballots that can be uncovered during a competent forensic audit. The following video link doesn’t even touch the half of the data obtainable from a forensic examination of the physical ballots:

  2. that’s scary….with no chain of command and known destruction of evidence, this isn’t a done deal

  3. If all these computer voting machines were hacked ‘real time’ and I believe they were, why wouldn’t these same people clean the machines? They have had over five (5!) months to cover their coup!

    1. They can re-scan physical ballots while testing them for signs of fraud. For example, there was a claim that many mail-in ballots were in pristine shape, no signs of being folded, as one would expect.

  4. If they discover widespread cheating and eventually prove that Trump did win, what then? How can this be put right?

    1. The fraudulent people must be removed, by force, if necessary. ALL citizens must take up arms and make this right, no matter the cost, no matter how many must be killed.

  5. To Mr. Rapacki,
    I think you could learn a lot from Lou Dobbs. Your questions never get to the point and they are loaded multiple unnecessary apologies. “Now you and I have known each other for a long time–I call you my friend although you may not consider me to be your friend–and actually we discussed this the last time, but maybe not in as much detail–but please, please correct me if I’m wrong–I make mistakes, you make mistakes, we’re all human–so please correct me if I’m wrong, even though people are listening, but . . . ” Why don’t you just ask the question?

    1. Who are the people at the top who deserve to be indicted? What should the charges be?
    2. What authority is responsible for indicting people?
    3. Are there U.S. attorneys who should themselves be investigated for not doing their job?
    4. Can people who committed treason be tried by civilian authorities?
    5. How can we change laws so that fraud is exposed and arrests are made before elections are certified?
    6. What hard evidence do you have against Venezuela? (You do know the CIA is a criminal organization that always lies, don’t you?)

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you “get to the bottom” of the fraud if nobody is hung or goes to prison.


  6. I have a gut feeling a major deep state psyop is going to happen to try and stop this. We are dealing with very very evil beings. I will be praying for all and may GOD help us to bring out the Truth of this major voter fraud against us.

    1. America has been under a psyop since Nov. 3, 2020 and before. To see it, disconnect from the lamestream media, Google, Twitter, Facebook and if possible, Amazon. Then, make the phrase, “live your OWN truth” your creed.

  7. It is clear that the vote was rigged and fraud was rampant. The paper ballots need to be examined very carefully, and if the confirm the scientific evidence and fraud is found beyond reasonable doubt, all citizens have a duty to remove and punish all those involved, even if that means using force, even if that means some will die.
    We can not and will not allow illegitimate treasonous people to remain in power, and every last citizen must stand up, do your duty and remove at any and all costs the fake leaders and representatives. No level of force is beyond justification, and any way necessary is proper and warranted. It will be war.

  8. Are the Envelopes included in the audit?
    Are you comparing Envelopes to Ballots to make sure each ballot has an Envelope?
    Are you doing a signature audit also?
    Are you auditing for people who… 1) Don’t live there? 2) Under age to vote? 3) Dead so can’t vote? 4) Not a citizen so can’t vote? 5) Voted more than once?
    Thank you.

  9. i support what your doing. If we do not get to the bottom of this we may as well kiss our Republic goodby. afterall we can not forget what benjamin Franklin said.”we’re giving you a Republic if you can keep it.”

  10. Mr. Rapacki, First off I want to thank you for the wonderful book you wrote, I enjoyed it very much. And that you have been informing all of us the whole time with updates about the audit.
    1.) The voter roll definitely needs to be cleaned up and should happen yearly. I’m fully aware some states didn’t want to comply having that done. That definitely allowed cheating to take place according to Mr. Tom Fitton’s talking point.
    2.) Make sure it wasn’t a machine that pre-marked the ballots and that the exact amount of envelopes match the # of ballots. This way you’ll know for sure if it was a human filling out the ballot and it was actually folded and mailed.
    We can only hope and pray that are election will be honest and fair for the 2022 -2024 election. Also that the individuals who were involved rigging the 2020 election will indeed be fully prosecuted to the extent of the law.
    Thank you once again and others who have been working tirelessly by getting to the bottom of such an evil and fraudulent act.
    I wish you and the others well, stay safe. God bless!

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