Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phil Waldron – PART 2

Lyle Rapacki continues his interview with Col. Waldron. Phil reads and explains the depth of the Arizona’s Senate subpoenas, and what the forensic audit team will examine.

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20 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phil Waldron – PART 2”

  1. James M Gentile

    I hear that “irregular ballots” we’re not specified specifically in the subpoena. Please address this. Thanks

  2. Gerald Sullivan

    Can these audits determine who would have won the 2020 presidential election had there not been election interference or fraud? If so, what would a legal remedy be for a finding that Donald Trump had won?

  3. We do not have 18 days. According to AZ law, we only have until May 3rd, 6 months after the election to legally overturn the election.

    1. Seriously? May 3rd?
      Well that explains why the Democrats have been dragging their heals and doing everything they could to slow this down and eat up as many days as they could. That’s definitely strategy on their part that if they can’t stop their fraud from being revealed then to stop the election from being over turned. Smart move on their part. Very upsetting for the rest of us!

  4. Question for Col. Phillip Waldron: Have anti-election-integrity forces attempted to intimidate you in your quest to carry out an audit of Maricopa’s voting machines and related materials involved in the November 3, 2020, election?

  5. If you, Col. Waldron, had to assign a probability to the chance of finding massive fraud in Arizona, what would it be?

  6. Question for Col Waldron:

    Will the audit team be looking at the ballots to find irregularities in any other offices besides the Presidential election? For example, U.S. Senate Races and U.S. House of Representative races in Arizona (Maricopa County specifically)? Thank you.

  7. The January 9th evidence that Mike Lindell keeps alluding to; who provided this information which includes IP addresses, amount of votes changed from Trump to Biden, and other info? Did it come from Hammer and Scorecard?

  8. James P Henley Jr

    God bless all the great work. Like everyone else I am frustrated at how long it takes, but I understand why.

    If I could make a suggestion, look into Rumble for posting the videos.

  9. Do you have safeguards in place to ensure that collection and transfer of materials from their current location to the audit location will not be impeded by protestors or obstructionists?

  10. I posted this on the Part 1 page also…
    Are the Envelopes included in the audit?
    Are you comparing Envelopes to Ballots to make sure each ballot has an Envelope?
    Are you doing a signature audit also?
    Are you auditing for people who… 1) Don’t live there? 2) Under age to vote? 3) Dead so can’t vote? 4) Not a citizen so can’t vote? 5) Voted more than once?
    Thank you.

  11. I understand the 22 month requirement. However, the lengths Democrats have gone to to stop or limit the audits is just unbelievable. If there’s nothing to hide, then why are they going to such great lengths to stop the audits, or limit the audits? (This is a statement, not a question. Question is next…)
    I believe they’d do just about anything to make sure they protect the voting machines and stop you from finding fraud from using it to include updating the code. I’m a programmer, it takes seconds to update the code or firmware. If ANY code or firmware has been changed/altered since the election can you detect it? Are they able to change the settings or code or firmware without being detected?

    In addition, I read where someone said AZ only has until May 3rd to overturn the electors in your state, is this true? If so, will you have enough info by May 3rd to make a recommendation to overturn the electors by May 3rd?

  12. What about the ballots that were thrown away; as in truck loads of ballots that were shredded, etc? They can’t be audited, therefore the counts will still be off, correct?

  13. Once the audit proves election fraud, if not before that, will our military take back the power from the Biden/Harris/CCP Administration and return the power to “we the people”, because this presidential administration has NOT upheld their oath of office in upholding all our constitutional laws?! They are TRAITORS following the will and regime of the CCP! 😠🔥

  14. Why has the audit stopped today April 25, 2021. Looking at the cameras it looks like nothing is being done today and yesterday seems like people are just standing around. What do the colors mean worn by the workers in the tabulation center. I would good to have an update. Thanks.

  15. Have any states (that you are aware of) changed to newer, more secure tabulation machines that DO NOT use proprietary software, have hardwired admin login credentials, and wireless and/or wireless internet capabilities?
    Will the results of this audit, if fraud is found, be enough to persuade states to replace the voting equipment with more secure devices (using the Pulitzer methods) in time for the 2021 mid-terms?

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